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By Jamie McSloy / July 30, 2017
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The 600 Post Milestone

I’ve meant to create a milestone post every time I hit a big number. 100, 250, 500… I’ve practically missed them all. I write and post every day, and the days merge into each other and it’s easy to lose track.

Today is article 601, which is close enough. Yesterday’s article was number 600 which is a pretty big milestone.

I thought I’d collect some of the top performing subjects and give you a “Start Here” kind of guide to hold off until I actually get around to writing some better navigation for the site. Other than that, I’ll give an idea of the general direction of the site and ask for your input in this article.

Let’s get to it.


Most of the stuff on this site is written with the idea in mind of creating an army of awesome copywriters. At least some of you readers should have an interest in this subject.

Here are the top three articles (in my opinion and loosely backed up by the data) on the subject.

How To Start Copywriting

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The Gary Halbert 30 Day Copywriting Challenge

Daily Routine To Make Copywriting Gains


Building Niche Websites

What started off as a little side line and hobby has unintentionally become probably the biggest source of buzz for this site.

I create little niche sites to justify my spending money on my hobbies and make a little side income. There’s a lot of interest in those things, which shouldn’t really surprise me.

Unfortunately, the stuff I’ve written on niche sites is everywhere on this site and it’s pretty difficult to manage. I didn’t realise quite how useless the navigation of this site was until I tried to put this article together.

Big mistake.

For now, start with this entry into the Niche Site Challenge. If you follow that guide and start building your own little websites, you’ll learn more than I could tell you in a hundred articles on the subject, which will be awesome because it saves me linking the hundred articles here.

In the sort-of some-time future, I’ll try and create some sort of “Start Here” roadmap for site visitors.

Affiliate Marketing

The first thing you need to bear in mind about affiliate marketing is that it’s nothing like the average “start a blog and rake in the big bucks” guru would have you believe.

Here’s a starting point:

Affiliate Marketing Is NOTHING Like Lifestyle Guru Advice

Here is the best book on affiliate marketing that I’ve ever read:

A Complete Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review


I’ve hit 600 posts. Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m repeating myself a lot and that a lot of entries in the article archive have a distinct “Dear Diary” type feel that I try to avoid.

That feeling has always been a personal indicator that we’re getting stagnant. So I’ll be mixing things up a little.

So far as the site is concerned, there are some glaring errors that need sorting out. I’m not planning on doing another massive site redesign, but it’s obvious that the navigation is woefully lacking and a couple of people have pointed out that since I broke the site back in April there have been some formatting issues.

Those are the two things I’ll address in the near term: how the site looks and how it works. A lot of the stuff I’ve linked above is a bit dated in terms of my thinking now. In the medium term I’ll be revisiting some of the topics and creating comprehensive stuff for subjects like niche sites where the information is there but all over the place.

Also, semi-big announcement: By the end of the year, I’m going to release a couple of products to help people get better at copywriting. I fully intend for them to be the best on the market.

Final Thoughts: What Do You Want?

For the most part I think I get what the core visitors of this site want. I’ve talked with a lot of people privately from the site, answered a lot of questions and you’re almost universally a smart bunch who are on a similar wavelength to me and the articles I’m writing for, so that’s all good.

Still, if there’s anything you want me to cover that I don’t, then feel free to drop comments or email me or whatever. I’m interested in whatever you have for me.

That said…

Hilariously, I asked this on another site I run earlier on in the year. It was a horrendous mistake. I got the most stupid ideas thrown back at me. This included stuff that was on an entirely different subject to my site, stuff that was downright weird and stuff that’d put me in jail. (Literally, the commenter wanted me to start spreading illegal stuff and other weirdo ideas that again were nothing to do with the site.)

I’m pretty open to ideas, but I’m not going to jail for you guys.

Outside of absurd stuff though, let me know what you think, questions you want answered and other stuff that comes to mind.


  • aaron says:

    Hi James

    I am a daily reader of your site, although I am not a copywriter nor am I a freelancer. The articles that interested me the most is when you highlight certain opportunities. For example, the Business Idea: Information Arbitrage and Ecommerce in 2017 articles really got my head turning.

    If you are looking for ideas on what to write, I hope you can shed more light on these opportunities. Further thoughts on how to find what information to arbitrage, where to find the buyers, what kind of businesses to build upon them will be much appreciated.

    • Jamie McSloy says:

      Great comment and thanks for your input. Never sure how the weird “one off” off-topic posts will go down.

      Will definitely write more about this sort of thing in the future.


  • aaron says:

    Oops, I think I mispell your name in my haste. Sorry about that Jamie!

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