Resolutions, Planning Ahead And Your 2017 Business Schedule

Resolutions, Planning Ahead And Your 2017 Business Schedule

It’s still December and it’s still the perfect time to get planning for your next year of writing, business and other successes.

Today, I’ve been planning the content for all my sites for the next year. This’ll probably take me the rest of the week, but it’s something that’s worthwhile.

In this article, I’ll tell you why.

Your Publishing Schedule Shouldn’t Ever Be Last Minute

Big publishing companies work months, if not years, in advance. You should do the same, whether you’re writing your first book or you’ve got a tiny website right through starting your own publishing house.


Because your publishing schedule should never be a last-minute thing. Like I wrote yesterday, you have to treat your online business –whatever it might be – like a business. If you’re not, then your competitors are and you’ll already be behind the times before you even start.

Things can change, emergencies can crop up and life can get in the way of any plan you set. Yet you need to plan because you need to mitigate possible damage to your progress. In short, if you don’t plan ahead, you’re going to be like a boat in a heavy storm. If your boat springs a leak, it’s over. Sure, that can happen to any boat, but the boat that gets into harbour before the storm starts is better off.

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Now Back To The Regular Programming Schedule…)

Besides, planning in advance is better for another reason – it makes the rest of your work a lot easier. If you plan out a years’ worth of books or articles in the next three weeks or so, 2017 is going to be a lot easier and a lot more fun for you.

There is one question that’s probably on your mind even if you accept this though; how do you know what to do when you’re planning ahead? After all, the world changes pretty rapidly year-on-year.

Trends and Seeing The Future – What Will Be Big Is Cyclical

For instance, in the first year of a presidency, there’s always a dip in the economy and there’s always “the world is ending” stuff going on economically. The world is shifting to a new regime. It’s cyclical, like I mentioned before, but you wouldn’t think it to look at the newspapers or the doomsday salesmen.

I know because I’ve written copy for the doomsday salesmen.

There’ll always be a rebound when it turns out that the end isn’t the end. That’s something to bear in mind also.

Another thing: Technological progress is inevitable. Historically, we’ve had Dark Ages and Renaissances, but technology has always gone forward. The actual Dark Ages saw the expansion of international trade and naval navigation took off in a big way. The end of the Renaissance saw the Industrial Revolution and the doomsday guys that say we’ve been receding since the 1970’s ( or 1950’s – whenever) have witnessed an unprecedented boom in technology.

These things mean that there’ll always be something on the horizon and if you can capture it and write about it, you’ll be doing well.

Things like marijuana legalisation, automation and particular driverless vehicles are going to be massive in the next few years.

These are all things I’ve written about recently and will probably write about in the next year. As an investor, business guy or writer, you can tap into these things.

It Doesn’t Take Many Words To Get Ahead

Now we can move on to the point of this article – it’s December and we’re hopefully all planning ahead for the next year.

As a writer, you are pretty blessed. It doesn’t take that much planning to get ahead by a year.

If you’re an author, you can write a book a month and do well. It’ll take you a day to plan your books out.

If you run a website, then you might post 100 articles in a year – that’s two articles a week. It’ll take you an afternoon at most to plan those articles. I know because that’s what I’ve been doing today.

Even if you run fifty websites, you can get all the planning done within a month. We’ve got most of December still to go, so you can have a years’ worth of material planned before 2017 even starts.

If you do this, then you’ll have a really easy time of writing in 2017 – it’ll be a case of “Open Diary, Write Article, Rinse and Repeat.” Or, you can use this as an opportunity to plan your work so that you can do other, more adventurous things as well in 2017.

Final Thoughts

This article is another “call-to-arms” type article.

Getting ahead is all about planning ahead, and we’re getting to a New Year – everyone and everything, for the next couple of months, is going to be filled with that “let’s change stuff” resolution mentality, and you might as well channel those feelings to get ahead.

If you plan correctly in the next couple of weeks, then you’ll find the whole of next year much easier and you’ll be more successful too.

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