Niche Site Challenge Week 31

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It’s week thirty-one of the niche site challenge.

The Niche Site Challenge, for the uninformed among you, is a part-time challenge where myself and a bunch of intrepid other internet warriors build – you guessed it – niche websites.

The goal of the challenge is to see how far we can push the idea of making passive income through small site projects, only spending a maximum of two hours a day and without spending money on advertising. Nor are we creating products for our sites.

Instead, we’re simply writing sales letters for our sites and using on-site SEO strategies to rank those sales letters. Hopefully, this leads to us all raking in affiliate commissions and becoming super-rich and super-awesome.

You can read more about the Niche Site Challenge by following this link if you’d like to learn more about the rules and regulations, such as they are. (For those that don’t know and don’t click – that’s a joke. Do whatever you think will work!)

With the definition out of the way, let me tell you about this article. In the weekly updates, I talk about what I’ve been doing, random thoughts and what other people have been doing should I have heard from them.

Let’s get to it.

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What I’ve Been Doing In The Niche Site Challenge This Week

It’s been another week where other aspects of my life have prevented me from working on my niche sites – or most of my business for that matter.

It happens, but I’m pretty down about it. I’m currently writing this on a tablet whilst waiting for a steak to fry because I’ve run out of time otherwise. Apologies for the typing errors.

Instead of updating you further on my non-progress, let me talk about a couple of things that have been on my mind as far as ideas you could try go.

Random Idea: What Do Non-Tech People Do? 

I’ve written before about how offline businesses are great targets for people with our – that is, copywriters and online business guys – skill sets.

I’ve also written before about how people get suckered into the online business and entrepreneur hamster-wheel thing.

It bears repeating though that there are a ton of hobbies and things that young twenty-something guys don’t know exist. Especially when you take into account that the majority of guys here are going to be tech-literate and probably introverted in some ways.

That means that on the flip side, there are going to be non-tech-savvy people who are probably going to go online to look at reviews and not spend all that much time researching endlessly and comparing prices or seeking out Chinese bootleg editions of their favourite things.

Think about what hippies like to purchase. Or what your grandmother spends her time doing.

Those are avenues for niche sites – and businesses in general – to explore.

Random Idea: What Do New Money-Making Idea-Generators Need To Run Their Businesses?

Let’s go the other way. Let’s say that there is a new craze sweeping the online entrepreneurial world. A few months ago, it was Teespring businesses. Before that it was Fulfilled-By-Amazon businesses. Added to those, we’ve had viral Instagram things and YouTube unboxing videos.

You can go for the instant cash grab and try to ride the same wave as everyone else is doing, or you can step backwards and say, “What do these people need?”

If you sell T-shirts with funny slogans, you’re one of a billion guys doing the same thing.

If you sell the equipment for screen printing, your competition shoots down to almost zero.

Similarly, you can write reviews for the various t-shirt dropshipping services – I don’t know how their affiliate programs work, but you could work something out, I’m sure.

Then, your marketing for your new site is hanging out in the forums and becoming the authority that the guys who are selling the t-shirts go to. You could even – if you’re sneaky – do a test run yourself just to prove you know what you’re talking about, and then frame your advice as being ” One of the guys” despite not being n actual competitor.

This advice works for niche sites but it also scales pretty well if you wanted to build a bigger authority project.

Final Thoughts

Once again, not much to report on the niche site building front. Once again though, I’ve tried to give a couple of angles to look at niche sites from.

Because really, the complication is all in the angle you take – actually building websites is pretty easy (or so you’d think) and writing the sales letters is pretty straightforward, providing you’re reading my site regularly and know about general copywriting skills. (If you’re new, start with this guide on teaching yourself copywriting.)

Anyway, comments always welcome, and hopefully I’ll have time to get back on track soon.


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