The Niche Site Challenge Week 30

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Niche Site Challenge Week Thirty

It is the thirtieth weekly update of the Niche Site Challenge. Like every week I am going to give you an update of my progress, random thoughts on building niche sites and a list of other articles that I have written throughout the week which might be of help.

Before we get to that, let me briefly recount what the Niche Site Challenge is for those of you who might have accidentally stumbled upon this site and not know what is going on.

The Niche Site Challenge is a challenge that I and a few brave other individuals have agreed to undertake for a year starting from May 2016.

The challenge involves building niche sites in our spare time. The rules are simple; you have to you spend a maximum of two hours a day building niche sites, make money via writing product reviews and other sales letters for those websites, and otherwise not over-complicate things.

In the spirit of not over-complicating things, I’ll direct you to any of the other niche site challenge updates where I give a more detailed explanation of what this challenge is.

With that said, let’s get on to what I’ve been doing in the Niche Site Challenge this week.

What Have I Been Doing In The Niche Site Challenge This Week?

In short, absolutely nothing.

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Now Back To The Regular Programming Schedule…)

Well, that’s not quite correct: I worked an absolute minimum on my niche sites this week.

Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way, and this week I have had other personal issues to attend to which has meant that my work both on the Niche Site Challenge (and everywhere else) has fallen by the wayside.

It happens, but that brings me onto a particular point.

Random Thoughts-Niche Sites Are Great Because…

The Niche Site Challenge is a part-time challenge. This is not just because I don’t want you all giving up promising careers in order to build little websites.

It’s also because niche sites are great little money-makers which you don’t have to do think about intensively on a particularly regular basis.

I have left my niche websites to do their thing this week and they have still received visitors. They have still received clicks, and some of them even received sales in my absence.

If you write your niche site articles in advance, you’ll find that you can post to your website, your social media and everywhere else in your absence as well.

For instance, I have a few niche websites which I’ve started in the past couple of weeks. I’ve written articles for them which have published in this week as I scheduled them. This means, to all of outward appearances, that the site is running as usual.

However, I have nothing to do with that. This is why I always recommend writing a good few weeks’ worth of articles in advance.

For niche sites, you don’t need to publish more than once a week. If you are really diligent, you might be better off writing fifty articles- or fifty-two articles, should I say -and then not touching the niche site for a whole year afterwards. This of course comes with the risk of not knowing whether it will be a success. Usual judgement.

Random Thoughts-Be Nice To Google And It Will Be Nice To You.

Last week, I had a real problem with one of my websites. Unbeknownst to me, the website domain name had previously been used by somebody else.

Unfortunately that person wasn’t quite as honest as I am.

The website had a virus warning from the minute I purchased it and tried set up my website. I had to send in a report to Google and it was all very irritating.

However Google helpfully sent me an email a few days later saying that my website had been checked by their quality team. Then they removed the virus warning. That’s fantastic.

I don’t know if this is related, but they also indexed all the articles that I’d written on my site to that point. This means, that that website which had given me so much trouble, is now one of my best performing niche sites despite being a week old. It gets visitors from search engines which is not usual until the site is much older.

A a lot of people who build niche sites perform black hat techniques, dodgy SEO techniques and other things to try and get their website to rank quickly.

These tend to backfire in the end, and they are not necessary.

If you play by the rules it might take a little longer for your website to gain traction, but you will find you reach a point where the search engines and the world in general tend to help you toward your goal as opposed to giving resistance to you. I’ll speak more about this in a future article I imagine.

Other Articles You Might Find Useful

This week, I wrote an article that could be useful for niche website builders.

Why location dependent businesses are a great thing.”

Most people don’t realise that they have a great idea staring them in the face-where they live.

You can write a niche website about where you live and it will be easy to create content for and it will be useful information for people that are going there and want to know about the place. That targeted traffic will convert to sales if you pick the right affiliate offers to promote.

I know a few guys that follow this approach with great success. That’s what drew me to write about it in the first place.

I have already decided the twenty-eight websites for my Niche Site Challenge, and it is just a case of writing them. However, if I can fit in any more niche websites, I am definitely going to try this for myself.

I’ve used the ideas above for other projects, but they apply well to niche websites too. In fact, if you are running a local business, then you can create your niche site from just the excess material used for marketing to your local audience.

Creating a new website and business opportunity from excess material is a fantastic thing and honestly something that you should be doing whenever you can.

Final Thoughts

Like I said above, this week has not been a great week me in the Niche Site Challenge. However, some of the thoughts that I’ve written above should still be useful for you all. Hopefully, this time next week I will have some more useful information, and more updates from my personal challenge for you all.

I hope that everyone else has had a more productive week building niche sites than I have.


See you next week!

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