Announcing The 30 Day Daily Email Challenge

By Jamie McSloy / March 18, 2018
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30 Day Daily Email Challenge

I wrote recently about doing thirty day challenges, and all the benefits of them.

I decided that it’s better to show than tell, and what better way to do that than take care of my often-neglected mailing list.

Why Should You Join My Mailing List?

Let’s talk about this thirty day email challenge.

Why am I doing it?

Because I’ve been lazy with this site recently. I’ve been messing around on Twitter, writing articles every day and planning to do stuff. This is all very comfortable and I want to push myself a bit more.

Also, I’m going to move everything up a step in preparation for being a little more professional all around.

That doesn’t answer why you should sign up though.

(Time Out: If you’re enjoying this article, then you should probably sign up to my mailing list, where I give out ideas and business tricks that I don’t share publicly. Click here, fill out your details and get yourself on the list! You won’t leave this page.

Now Back To The Regular Programming Schedule…)

I don’t want to give the game away fully, but there’s content I’m not going to share to everyone who doesn’t even bother to put their email in.

Things like:

  • Blueprints and methods I’m using
  • How to save a ton of money on ecommerce stores
  • What I do, how I do it and why you should do stuff the same/differently
  • Life advice (I know… but it’s important)
  • More on templates, organising and structuring your ideas to get ahead
  • Info on the other projects I run but don’t talk about

In short, there are a ton of great things planned and some I’m not even going to mention here because it’ll ruin the surprise.

But that’s not all…

Why You Should Join My Mailing List… Part Two

A few weeks back, I asked my subscribers what they wanted to see from me in terms of more exclusive, paid bits and pieces.

Let’s just say everyone gave me several suggestions and it’s going to keep me busy for ages.

Now… I’m very much in the camp of “I’d rather have a small, committed following that I can help” as opposed to the “I’m going to get a single dollar out of a million people!” camp.

What’s that got to do with this email challenge?

As part of the email challenge, I’ll be announcing some of these ideas. Hopefully, I’ll be launching the first idea sometime in April.

I will do so at a significant discount that’ll be open only to people on the list.

In short… get on the list, become part of the smaller, exclusive group and you’ll get the monetary benefits.

Oh… and there’s an offer I’m planning that’ll only be available to subscribers ever and again… massive discount planned for early adopters.

I can’t be more honest and open about that, because it’ll give the game away.

Final Thoughts: Get On The List

There several ways to get on the list. Somewhere above, there’s a time out message that gives you instructions to subscribe.

There’s a widget at the end of every blog post that you can put your details in.

There are two pages, here and here, which will allow you to subscribe to the mailing list.

And if none of these work, then you can simply send me a comment or message or whatever saying, “Jamie… these opt-ins aren’t working!” and I’ll manually add you.

There are your excuses gone, but let’s finalise this:

  • I do not spam anyone with sales stuff. There are a couple of emails that’ll describe the products I’ve hinted at above… but no other selling, affiliate links or whatever
  • There’s no spam full-stop. If you sign up, you’ll get an email a day (plus the subscription/confirm your subscription etc. emails) and no more
  • If you don’t want to receive any more emails, you can click unsubscribe at any time (the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every email)

Now you really have no excuses, let’s reiterate some good stuff:

  • You’ll get devilish, profound insights from me
  • There’ll be great business advice, how-to’s and funny stories
  • You’ll hear first about what the hell I’m doing with this business stuff

And much more.

Put in your details, hit the subscribe button, confirm your subscription.

It’s a great thing to do.