Why You Shouldn’t Buy Thrive Optimize

By Jamie McSloy / February 12, 2018
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My Early Thoughts on Thrive Optimize.

In this article, I’m going to try and convince you not to buy the Thrive Optimize plugin.

This might come as a surprise to some of you, because I’ve been honest and upfront about the fact I use and love Thrive’s products before.

It’d surprise you even more to learn that this isn’t a review in disguise with a catchy title – it’s not clickbait and I won’t be reviewing the product.

I haven’t even used Thrive Optimize yet.

So why am I qualified to talk about this and what am I going to suggest you do instead of buying Thrive Optimize?

Let’s find out.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Thrive Optimize Plugin

Don’t buy the Thrive Optimize plugin.

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Firstly, it’s an add-on for Thrive Architect. I’m a member of the support forum so I can see that the team have had trouble with this.

People think it’s a standalone plugin when they need Thrive Architect to run it.

You don’t want to spend $100 on something you can’t use.

If you’re with me to this point, then you’ll think, “but I can buy Thrive Architect and Thrive Optimize for my site!”

Sure… and that’ll cost you $67 and $97.

Thrive don’t offer unlimited site licenses anymore (at least not to buy for a single piece of software) and so you’re looking at $300+ to run the site on multiple sites.

Even if you only have a single site and you’re only expecting to concentrate on one project ever, chances are you’ll run multiple sites at some time in the future. (Even if they’re only subdomains, like my copywriting services business site or the upcoming member’s site I’ll be opening soon.)

This is where it gets tricky.

Get The Thrive Membership Instead

Normally, I prefer to buy stuff outright as opposed to paying membership fees. However, the Thrive Membership is my almost sole exception.

That said; if they offered a lifetime membership, I’d get it in an instant.

The reason it makes sense for the company is that they constantly update the tools, integrate them better and add to the line up regularly. This costs money on an ongoing basis and that’s why you pay on an ongoing basis.

That’s also why it makes more sense for you as a consumer.

A ton of companies make you pay monthly for stuff that never changes. Essentially, you’re renting access to stuff that you should own. But Thrive continually updates the product line to make it more valuable.

And that’s why you shouldn’t just buy Thrive Optimize.

You should get the membership because all the pieces work together and add to each other, and in the future they’ll do even more.

Thrive Optimize is great if you have Thrive Architect. You can make great landing pages (they’re built in) and a pretty looking site. With Thrive Optimize, you can test to see which of your landing pages works best.

But then what?

If you want to capture leads, then you’ll want Thrive Leads (which is by far and away the best lead capture software on the market.)

What about testing headlines? You don’t need any of the above software for that… you should get Thrive Headline Optimizer instead.

This is the process I went through before deciding to become a Thrive Themes member.

All the tools add up and are greater than the sum of their parts.

Final Thoughts

So there’s my honest opinion of why you shouldn’t buy Thrive Optimize… even though it’s on sale for the next couple of days at an introductory price and it’ll help your business to make more money through split-testing.

You should get the plugin as part of an all-inclusive membership to the whole suite of Thrive tools.

The results you get with the Thrive suite of plugins is more than you’ll get with any one of the tools purchased individually.

Get the Thrive Themes Membership By Clicking Here.

P.S. If you buy through the link above, I get a cut. That’s standard affiliate stuff. But in order to say thanks, I’ll help you use the set of tools using all the knowledge I’ve gained over the two years I’ve used them for.

That’s something that money can’t ordinarily buy. There’s no substitute for real-world experience.