Stop Asking Questions. Start Doing Experiments.

By Jamie McSloy / July 18, 2018
stop asking questions start doing experiments featured image

Let’s just do some writing here.

I haven’t got a plan in mind for this topic, so it’s a Dear Diary, random thoughts article for the day.

Let’s start off with why I constantly say do some experiments.

As an experiment, I spent a little more time on Twitter over the past week. I added some followers, have had some good conversations and otherwise, it’s been interesting.

I’m probably not going to keep at it for reasons we’ll discuss another time though. (But mostly, I don’t find social media all that interesting.)

Anyway, as a result of this little experiment, have had a lot (comparatively) of people reaching out to me via the messaging system to ask me questions about various things.

And a lot of guys have been great. That said…

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Nobody Is Going To Hold Your Hand In Business

I honestly try and answer everyone’s questions, no matter how basic.

A lot of guys do that for a while and then give up because it’s a time drain for very little pay off.

But I obviously don’t have good judgement, and so I still answer basic questions.

That isn’t enough for some people, and it ties into yesterday’s topic about face, honour and treating people correctly in business.

At a certain point, some guys need to take a step back and say, “Am I being fair on the person I’m talking to here?”

Because honest to god, I don’t mind answering, “How do you do this?”

But when I answer and then get a barrage of questions like, “Ok that’s good… how do I do that?” or “Hey man I’ve done that… what do I do next?” or, “Should I do this or that?

And I know a lot of this stuff is tough and these guys are equal parts excited about improving their standing in life and the fear of these things not working or them getting it wrong…

… but like I say, from the point of view of the person you’re throwing questions at, what are they going to think?

I can’t sit for eight hours day answering question after question even when I’ve literally sent you an article explaining how to do it which you clearly haven’t read and then told you to do something else which you clearly haven’t even attempted to do because you’re messaging me again two minutes later…

And the point here isn’t to whine about people wasting my time, because I’man adult and can just stop responding.

Here’s the point.

The Key Factor In Your Success Is You

If you ask a million questions and don’t actually use any of the answers you get, then you will fail.

If you want the perfect blueprint to be given to you before you start, you will fail.

When you want to do something right first time, no mistakes, perfect execution – you will fail.

If you expect somebody to guide you through the process without any effort on your part… it’s not going to happen.

At some point, you are going to need to do the work. You’re going to need to learn what you’re doing. And you will have to make decisions for yourself where you bare the risk.

As scary as the thought of failure is, there’s nothing that compares to assuming the risk and winning.

But honestly… how do you get the attitude required to do the above?

Do. Some. Experiments.

The most valuable thing bar none I’ve developed over the years is to just start experimenting as soon as possible.

You will fail hundreds of times, but it doesn’t matter.

And no matter what I – or anyone else – can tell you, you’ll never understand something until you do it. You’ll never know what’s possible until you’ve directly experienced it.

A lot of people who ask me questions are missing out.

Instead of experimenting and building mental frameworks based on the feedback they receive, they’re trying to take a short cut.

“Jamie… what should I put on the front cover of my book?”

“Jamie… How do I start a niche site in the weightlifting niche?”

“Jamie… what’s the best marketing software?”

These aren’t questions you should ask me, they’re questions which you can easily find out yourself. And you should do. It’s better for you and the key to your success and happiness.