Start Dropshipping Stuff by James Holt Review

By Jamie McSloy / April 25, 2018
start dropshipping stuff review james holt

Start Dropshipping Stuff Review: How To Build Your First, (Second and Third) Profitable Dropshipping Store

Hey guys,

Have you ever considered running a dropshipping business? Because if you have, then you should read this article.

I’m going to be reviewing James Holt’s course, Start Dropshipping Stuff.

If you want to learn how to create a great dropshipping store, make profits with no overheads and run a business online, then this course might be for you. It certainly takes the risk out of dropshipping, because it’s comprehensive and goes into the mistakes people make while building a solid foundation of running ads, selecting products and most importantly, writing copy so that those products sell.

Is this course for everyone? No. Not at all. That’s why you need to read this review.

Is the course perfect? No… again, read the review.

James is a friend of mine, but I’m going to be totally honest with this review. I’ll talk about the pros because there are a lot and I’ll talk about what I’d do differently.

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Let’s get into it, but first…

My Story With Dropshipping

I have a love/hate relationship with dropshipping.

On the one hand, dropshipping is a business you can get into with very little overhead and a business you can succeed with quite quickly once you get over the inevitable speed bumps.

On the other hand, long-term you’re quite heavily limited. You can scale, but there’ll be new competition due to the lack of a barrier to entry. Also, you have no control over the product or the logistics of delivery, and this impacts on a lot of things.

A lot of these things are getting easier though. I opened two dropshipping stores back in 2010-2011, and one was a reasonably successful enterprise and the other wasn’t.

Back then, there was no Alibaba. Most companies didn’t know about dropshipping and there certainly weren’t huge platforms for it. You had to ring manufacturers to see if they’d dropship and most didn’t.

There wasn’t WooCommerce or Shopify either… those platforms either didn’t exist or didn’t do anything like automate orders or anything.

And finally, there wasn’t Facebook Ads, or Twitter, or Instagram – those things didn’t exist so you had to rely on Adwords or SEO traffic.

Now it’s a lot easier, but be under no illusions… dropshipping isn’t for everyone.

And Start Dropshipping Stuff isn’t for everyone either.

It is a comprehensive course, and if you want to be a dropshipping success then it’s a considered but good purchase. The question is is that what you want?

So here are some questions before we move forward:

  1. Do you have a starting budget of $500? (not including the course cost)
  2. Are you willing to rely on a business method that runs on the following:
    1. Paid advertising
    2. Setting up and maintaining ecommerce stores
    3. Putting in place customer service emails and fulfilling orders
  3. Are you willing to lose money in order to learn?

You will have to do these things and if you don’t want to or don’t think it’s right for you, then that is fine. But don’t buy the course.

You are going to have to put money into paid ads and you will have to have money to buy and ship products. And you might lose money by getting things wrong.

If the above doesn’t sound right to you, then I’d say don’t get the course. If you’re thinking, “I can handle this” then read on.

Should You Buy Start Dropshipping Stuff?

If you think that dropshipping is a business model that you’d be interested in, then you’ll likely find Start Dropshipping Stuff to be a valuable investment, especially if you buy it in the next couple of days. More on that in a little while.

Before we talk about the course as an investment, let’s dispel with the sentences and I’ll give you what’s in the course straight:

  • Nearly eight hours of dense video content
  • Several Modules including everything from a Beginner through Intermediate and Advanced information on dropshipping
  • In the beginner module, there are 12 videos on everything from picking a niche through to setting up a Shopify store and in depth videos about two of the biggest PPC traffic sources you’ll use
  • In the intermediate and advanced modules, James will teach you about a lot more that you can do – including outsourcing, retargeting, scaling your stores and even moving beyond dropshipping as a module
  • There are bonus materials that make it easy for you to get started

Let’s talk about the investment versus return thing and then talk about the bonus materials I just mentioned.

Start Dropshipping Stuff Is An Investment

Do not get me wrong. I am not sure how many times I’ve mentioned this in this article: If you’re not sold on dropshipping, do not buy a premium course on it.

It is an investment for if you want to get the best possible outcomes for a store you’re going to start. If you aren’t going to start a store, it’s an expensive chunk of change for something you’ll never use.

But if you’re going to start a dropshipping store, then get the course. Here’s why:

If you get the course, it will cost you a few hundred dollars. $297 if you get it in the next couple of days, and $997 if you wait until next week.

Let’s say you buy in the next couple of days and you spend $297 on this course.

$297 is less than the price of a failed dropship store. Assume you get a domain name, Shopify, buy some apps and then throw some money into Facebook ads. If you get this wrong, then you’re out $297.

So can James’ course save you money?

  • It’ll help you avoid bad niches and pick good ones
  • You’ll learn how to validate your product ideas before throwing a ton of money into Facebook ads
  • You’ll learn how to set up your store so you don’t lose easy sales
  • AND you’ll have access to James’ own swipe file of copy and ad templates that work.

So… you can easily save the price of the course.

But it’s not about saving in business, it’s about making money.

Can you make money with a dropshipping course?


As a bonus, you get access to the Start Dropshipping Stuff Facebook group. There are people in there who have followed the course (and it’s earlier incarnations) and are making  a lot more than the course costs.

In fact, there are a couple of people I’ve seen that make the full price cost of the course in a single day.

Dropshipping is a model where if you pick the right products and are willing to put money in, you can make huge returns.

And James makes it as easy as possible for you to do that, even giving you template ads, product descriptions and more so that you can get the course and put it into practice.

And I won’t cheat you and say you’ll take this course and be a millionaire… but I can definitely tell you that if you buy this course and use it, then you will be able to build a dropship Shopify store within a day or two and get it up and running and ready to sell to the world.

There’s More…

I’m being as honest with you guys as I can, and so I’m going to be more honest now.

I recommend James’ course for anyone who wants to start a business based around dropshipping.

But it’s an expensive course – $297 for the next couple of days and then it’ll cost $100 more per day until the end of April 2018 where it’ll reach $997.

Now, you will likely make this money back with all the information in it.

But I have reservations about dropshipping as a model. I also have reservations about using Shopify. And there are things that James does that I wouldn’t do and things that I’d do that James hasn’t done.

So here’s the deal. I’m going to offer bonuses to anyone who buys through any of the links to the course through this page.

Sure, I get an affiliate cut… but that’s not really why I’m doing this.

I’m doing this because if you buy this course on my recommendation, I’d prefer you make a huge return on your investment so that everyone is happy.

So here’s what you get if you buy through my link.

Get The Course Here

Exclusive Bonuses For Start Dropshipping Stuff Members

I’m going to offer five bonuses. I won’t give you the hard sell on them, but here’s what they are:

Step-by-Step Woocommerce Version Of A Shopify Store

I have never used Shopify as a platform. I don’t like the idea of a company having control in that way.

So over the years, I’ve used WooCommerce.

Now, if you want to do the same, there’ll be things in the Start Dropshipping Stuff course that you won’t be able to do – the plugins aren’t the same, the design isn’t the same and the backend works differently.

Luckily, I’ve already found the plugin equivalents and will put together a guide for people who want to build a WooCommerce store instead of a Shopify one.

Customer Retention Blueprint

Start Dropshipping Stuff works a lot on low-end offers and getting first-time customers. There’s a video on retargeting, but you can do a lot more.

So I’m putting together a document with all the nifty little things you can do to get new customers and retain your old ones better. If you can turn the lifetime value of a customer from a $10 profit into a $100+ profit, then that makes creating a profitable business a lot easier.

Dropshipping To Physical Product Empire

My biggest concern with dropshipping is the long-term implications of the model. I would’t want to run a business as just a dropship store long term, so I’ve come up with a blueprint for people to follow that follows on from James’ most advanced lesson in Start Dropshipping Stuff. It goes through the steps you take after building a successful store so that you can move from dropshipper into full a physical product business that can’t be easily mimicked or replicated.

My Notes And Screenshots on the Course

If there’s one thing the course could have done better, it’s in creating a written version of the video slides. Once you’ve watched the videos, it’d be helpful to have a text blueprint to follow.

I’ve made my own notes and I’ll give them to you so you’ll save time.

EDIT: James is making this bonus thing difficult for me. He’s informed me, and I’ve checked, and since I went through the course, he has not only added downloads for the video slides, but also had his VA transcribe everything. 

Still, if you want my notes, then the offer still stands.

Copy Templates that I’ve made from James Swipe file

Whenever people ask about getting into copywriting and creating swipe files, I tell them to not only build a swipe file, but to edit the copy so that it can go in your “ready to use” folder.

I’ve taken the examples James includes in the course bonuses and turned them into ready to use templates. This will save you time and mean you can put stores up very quickly.

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t a catch to the course or the bonuses I’m offering.

Simply put… If you buy through my link I feel that I should do my best to get you the best return on investment I can give you. So that’s what I’m doing.

The material I’m talking about above isn’t available anywhere else and it won’t be until I finally launch the private member site I keep going on about, and that’ll cost hundreds of dollars a year.

So to conclude;

Start Dropshipping Stuff is a comprehensive course on dropshipping that will allow you to start a dropshipping business by doing these things:

  • Teach you the right niches and products to pick
  • Build out a store that is designed with conversion in mind
  • Write the copy that’ll convert visitors
  • Get the visitors through PPC (this is worth the price of the course)
  • Expand your business in numerous ways aside from simply getting more customers

In addition to that, for people who buy through my link, I’ll give you five bonuses:

  1. A Woocommerce Dropship Guide
  2. A Customer Retention Strategy Guide
  3. A blueprint to go from Dropshipping through to your own Physical Product Business
  4. My notes on the course
  5. A set of ready-to-go copy templates

If you’re interested in dropshipping but don’t know how to go about it, and want to learn from a guy who has created multiple successful dropship stores, then hit the button below.

Get The Start Dropshipping Stuff Course

P.S. The price will go up drastically after the next forty-eight hours. The course is worth $997, but that’s a lot more ground to cover on recouping your investment. $297 is much better, so if you’re going to, buy at that price.

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  • Mattis says:

    If I purchase the course through your link, do I STILL get your bonuses? Or was it a one time thing?


    • Jamie McSloy says:

      Hi Mattis,

      You’ll still get the bonuses with the exception of my notes on the course – and that’s just because James has since had all the videos transcribed with notes, so sending out my own transcriptions seemed redundant.

      But the other bonuses, sure, I can send them to you.

      It’s a great course if you think dropshipping is a good fit for you.

      Best wishes,


      P.S. Thanks for dropping by with the comments!

      • Mattis says:

        Thanks for the fast answer Jamie!

        I want to build an income stream for myself while still working my “9-5”.

        My main objection toward buying this course is, that I would have to source shitty products from AliBaba and compete with a bunch of other “Dropshippers”.


        • Jamie McSloy says:

          Hey Mattis,

          That’s a valid criticism of the model. Absolutely.
          Competing with other dropshippers isn’t so much a concern – most of them simply aren’t very good.
          Product quality can be an issue. Your best bet is to test the products but that takes time.
          My bonuses are based on the idea that you use dropshipping as a stepping stone into a physical products business where you control the product later because that’s what I’m more comfortable with.
          The customer retention blueprint will also help you make a better store than the average dropshipper who basically sets up a store and does nothing except what he finds on youtube tutorials.
          But your issues are real, and they’re pitfalls of the dropshipping method. But you can overcome them and when you do, it’s more barriers to entry for anyone who competes with you.


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