Quick Business Idea (Limited Time Only)

By Jamie McSloy / April 12, 2018
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Quick Business Idea

Alright guys,

I don’t have much time this evening, so I’ll make this a short and sweet article.

It’ll possibly go private as it’s more suited to something for the email list. Maybe I’ll do that once I’ve had time to sort out a more comprehensive overview.

Anyway, today I was searching for information on some expensive gadget I want to buy.

I came across a bunch of reviews and the like. I also came across a professional guy’s portfolio site. He listed this gadget as part of his arsenal for doing his super-awesome work.

Here’s where the little inkling of an idea comes in.

He had this massive great list of items that he uses and swears by on his site. But you can tell he’s not one of us because not a single item was linked to.

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And that’s the idea.

Your Very First Service: Setting Up “Partnerships”

There are people out there who don’t know anything about internet marketing. There are people out there who don’t know that there are affiliate programs.

Strangely, some of these people still have massive online followings.

You can piece this together, but to spell it out: You could do a lot worse than send some of these people an email saying, “Hey… I see you have a website and you use X. If you’d like I can set you up a partnership where you’ll get a percentage for every one of those sold through your website.”

Now, you can twist that and word it easily, and you might be able to do something a bit smarter like build a relationship first… but this is a simple service with some clear goals and objectives which you can achieve to make your client’s site more profitable.

Essentially, you go through their site, look at the stuff they talk about and set up affiliate programs for them.

Let me give you the guy I saw as an example:

He has 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. Each video gets 50,000 views plus over time.

On his website, he sells his own products.

I can’t work out the traffic figures at the moment, but looking at the above numbers, it’s a big number.

On his “Equipment I use” list there are probably thirty items. I didn’t read any of his other blog posts, but let’s say he has mentioned or promoted fifty items.

How much do you think he’d make if he put affiliate links to those things?

You could charge a reasonable amount for this service. Even potentially some sort of revenue share, depending on how you approached it. (Think like an agent/merchandising manager.)

Things To Look Out For

Here, you’re targeting people who have a lot of traffic and aren’t bothered or don’t know about affiliate marketing stuff.

That might seem like a small market, because you assume that everyone knows about online business. That’s because you’ve been in our bubble too long.

Especially look at people who make a lot of money through their own products. They probably aren’t going to think it’s worth their while for 10% or something from affiliate products… but it’s not their time and effort they’re spending… it’s yours.

High traffic, low internet marketing knowledge.

A final point would be potential for earnings. It’s less likely that you’ll get this deal out of a cheapskate who whines about politics on their blog, but you might get it from a company that sells travel packages and doesn’t have anyone to set up affiliate programs for related services.

Final Thoughts

This is a simple idea with a simple execution. It’s the sort of project a beginner or guy with no cashflow/capital could do to get the ball rolling in a relatively simple way.

It’s also one of those ideas that’s good because it’ll teach you the fundamentals – cold emailing, customer service, setting up logistics and seeking out new opportunities.

Anyway, this is actually a pretty good topic. It will therefore go private in a week or so, and I’ll flesh it out in an email later.

So enjoy it while it’s here and get on the mailing list.

Oh, and try it out if you want.