Niche Site Holiday Posts

By Jamie McSloy / December 23, 2017
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Niche Site Holiday Posts

It’s the Holiday season, which means everyone is taking time off and using that time off to spend their hard-earned money.

I’m no exception. Your readers are no exception.

When everyone is taking time off, it’s time for you to make money.

If you run niche sites, then you’ll probably want to take some time off to spend the money your niche sites have made you.

Yet you still want to take advantage of all the people visiting your site during the holiday period… so you have to cater to them.

Luckily, doing this for niche sites is easy.

How To Write Holiday Posts For Your Niche Sites

Let’s take Christmas as an example. It’s a good holiday because everyone is looking for gifts.

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Gifts for other people.

So, you write a post:

Best Christmas Gifts for X.

Or you write a series:

  • How to buy X Gifts for [Y Audience]
  • Why You Should Buy [X, Y, Z] This Christmas
  • Where To Get The Best Price on [X] This Christmas

The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a great example from blog buddy Jake over at

This is a great post… it’s long, detailed and stacked with both affiliate links and SEO keywords.

But its effectiveness is matched only by one thing:

These Posts Are Straightforward To Write

If you think you’re overcomplicating this sort of post, then you probably are.

These types of posts are list posts – and people love them.

Just think; it’s Christmas season and some guy’s mother types in, “best presents for travellers 2018.” She’s typing that for her son who reads half the blogs on the internet and wants to go travelling.

She’s going to buy him Christmas presents and gets a useful list of items for travelling. This is exactly what she wants.

You don’t have to do much selling, because it’s a list. Or is it?

The simplicity doesn’t mean you can just put a bunch of links in a row. You have to do a minimal sales job. In other words, explain why somebody should buy the product. This can be simplistic enough – a single key benefit and erase any doubts.

Look at Jake’s post above; each product has at most a couple of hundred words. This is enough.

The key task is not messing up and a lot of that involves putting a little effort in to making sure the product description is positive and not overly salesy. You have the sale, don’t mess up.

Also… You Can Add To List Posts

I don’t know whether Jake started with 51 products.

That doesn’t matter.

One of the big things you can do with list posts is add to them, edit them and remarket them.

Every time you find a new product, you can update the article with another couple of paragraphs and a new link to a new product. This makes your article more than an article – it makes it a reference point.

However, despite you continually adding to it, you aren’t increasing the complexity like you would with say, a how-to tutorial.

This confers all the benefits of updating information in the SERPs, increasing the length and hitting better keyword densities over time.

I know one guy who has list posts like these that he updates every so often and sometimes those posts rank for hundreds of keywords.


You can repeat this over and over for every holiday season.

Valentine’s Day has people buying gifts. Thanksgiving, Easter, Summer Holidays, Back To School Holidays… you can basically follow the lead with all the TV adverts and specials.

There’s a reason big companies have a million different “seasons” and it’s for this reason.

You can replicate it on a small scale with your niche sites.

Happy Holidays!