What Is The Most Lucrative Copywriting Niche?

By Jamie McSloy / September 18, 2017
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What Is The Most Lucrative Copywriting Niche?

Do you want to know what the most lucrative copywriting niche is?

It’s not as simple as an “It’s this,” answer – but if you read through to the end of this article, I’ll give you a fool-proof guide to finding the most lucrative copywriting niche you can, to finding the audience that’ll pay the most and the type of copywriting you’ll need to do to make the most money.

Now, you might think that I’ve written about this subject before. I wrote a fantastic article titled, “What Are The Most Lucrative Copywriting Niches?” here – but that took a slightly different turn. Namely, I said that it didn’t really matter what the most lucrative copywriting niche is, because it’s more important to think of copywriting as a skill that you can apply to anything.

That’s true, but I still get people searching for “The Most Lucrative Copywriting Niche” all the time on this site. So, this is for you random Google users.

What Is The Most Lucrative Copywriting Niche? Assumptions

I’m going to assume you read the article above and understand that copywriting is a skill with a million different uses. Copywriting gives you many options.

Now I’m going to stack some more assumptions that you’ll just have to take for granted:

  • When it comes to “lucrative” the niche isn’t as important as what you do. Direct Response Copywriting is more lucrative than SEO copywriting because you have more of an impact on the sales directly. (Topic for another day.)
  • Your skill matters more than your niche – as does your positioning in the market. If you’re cheap and not very good, you won’t get paid much. If you charge £5k per sales letter and can write about a certain subject with more skill than everyone else, then you’ll get better clients and more money.
  • Competition: There’s no magical most lucrative copywriting niche that’s also easy to get into and with no competition. Surprise, surprise, lucrative copywriting niches have great copywriters in them. You will have to work.

Alright, with those out of the way, let’s talk about how to work out the lucrativeness of a copywriting niche.

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What Is The Most Lucrative Copywriting Niche? A Framework

Whether something is lucrative or not isn’t a Yes/No answer.

When we talk about lucrativeness, we talk about “how much money can you make?” and that depends on a bunch of things. I’ll simplify it into two variables though:

  1. How many people are in the niche?
  2. How much money are people spending in the niche?

If you have a lot of people and they spend a lot of money per purchase, then you’ve got a lucrative copywriting niche.

The biggest money is in the three fields:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

Now… those are big markets, and when people usual say those are the big three niches, they don’t mean in the generic sense.  The niches they’re talking about include niching down a lot further.

  • Financial advice for millionaires who are looking to expatriate.
  • Fitness advice for girls who want to be Instagram models.
  • Dating opportunities for Chinese Businessmen in New York.

Those are all examples of “niches” within the bigger markets that people tap into.

As a copywriter, you want to be able to do two things:

  1. Learn everything required to write generically in the niche
  2. Learn fundamental copywriting skills so that you can apply that generic information to a specific audience

That’s outside the scope of this article… so let’s just get to the business of which markets you’ll want to focus on if you’re looking for the most lucrative copywriting niche.

What Is The Most Lucrative Copywriting Niche?

Unless you have a very specific skillset or passion, then you’re going to be best off concentrating on the three big markets above.

In order to create a sort-of matrix for you all, here’s what I would suggest:

  • Target the big three markets (Health, Wealth, Relationships)
  • Target professional services and high barrier to entry professions in the market
  • Reach out to business owners targeting the 1% of consumers in the market
  • Concentrate on services that they need that they expect to pay for and make a ton of money on directly

That’s not a straight answer to “What is the most lucrative copywriting niche?” but it remains absolutely the best matrix for determining who to target for your budding copywriting business.

You’re welcome… and when you’re rich, remember me.


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