Why You Should Learn Adwords and FB Ads Now

By Jamie McSloy / May 2, 2017
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Here’s an article that’ll either chill your bones or make you shake with excitement. Maybe it’ll do both.

The Guardian on how Facebook and Google generate one-fifth of the world’s advertising revenue.

I could go into details on why this is both apocalyptic and awesome, but here’s the major takeaway:

Google and Facebook are where the majority of online money is going to be funnelled for the next few years.

Here’s why it’s useful for us entrepreneurial types:

  • You can get started on a small budget
  • You can target anyone, anywhere
  • The whole process is massively scalable
  • It’s relatively easy to learn how to advertise on these platforms

In terms of the Pareto Principle and all of that rubbish, you’re also looking at two platforms that can provide you with more eyeballs and conversions than you’ll ever need.

In short, if you want to make money using online marketing, then working on Google and Facebook’s PPC campaigns are probably the best use of your time and brainpower.

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How To Become Adwords Certified In A Couple Of Hours

The other day, my interest in PPC advertising was renewed.

I got an offer through from some newsletter subscription that basically said:


Our Course Provides EVERYTHING You NEED to Get AdWords Certified

It Usually Costs $197

But You Can Get It For A Limited Time


P.S. Companies Spend Thousands A DAY On Adwords

You get the picture.

Anyway, I decided to see what it was all about. It turns out you don’t need to spend any money to become Google Adwords certified.

You have to pass two exams that Google will let you take for free.

Talk about a fake barrier to entry.

All you have to worry about is knowing enough to pass the exam.

Well, I passed both exams – Fundamentals and Search Advertising – within a couple of hours. Google helpfully provide the whole syllabus for each module in a downloadable PDF form so all you have to do is read those.

To be honest, you can look at them while you do the exam. There are one hundred questions and you get two hours for each exam.

One took me about 50 minutes and the other took me about 45 minutes. I got 98% and 100% respectively.

What’s In The Adwords Certification Exam?

The questions are multiple choice, and the only real issues you should have are:

  1. Common sense
  2. Jargon

The Jargon is pretty dense because there are a ton of options and the way AdWords is set up makes it all seem very confusing. However, if you mentally replace the jargon words in your head with common sense ones – or just look at the context – then you’ll come to most of the answers.

I maintain the only reason why people would fail this test is because of the clunky, confused wording. Sometimes it seems like there are multiple “right” answers; but it’s kind of like a job interview; give them the one they want to hear.

For instance, a question might be, “Suzie wants to increase her conversions. What should she do?”

Now, if you’re into business at all, you’ll know that there’re a million things she could do.

  • Get a better product
  • Improve her website
  • Lower her prices


Remember though, we’re taking an exam regarding using Google’s PPC platform. So the answer is probably something like:


  • “Improve ad targeting by finding relevant keywords and then sending the customer to a specifically targeted landing page.”


Note: Passing this exam won’t make you an expert in AdWords, but it’ll show you know the basics and it’ll help you build some confidence. By the time you’ve read the PDF course overviews that Google provide, you’ll no longer be worried by all the complicated mumbo-jumbo.

 Moving On

The basics of PPC are the same on any platform. Most of what people struggle with can be broken down into two categories:

  1. Not knowing who to target in terms of audiences
  2. How to get the most out of each platform

The first one is a bit of a problem, and it’s the one I’m most daunted by. More on that to come, but my basic strategy is to start small, niche and with a limited budget per day.

The second is daunting, but it’s also cured by free documentation provided by the platforms (They, after all, want you to use their platform) and courses put together by other people.

For instance, on Udemy, there are some pretty large courses regarding Facebook and Adwords ads. The good ones cost a lot – £200 or so – but if you wait pretty much every Udemy course has a free promo period sooner or later.

I’ve jumped on a few and now I’ve gotten the Adwords certification, I’m going to go through those in the next few days, before jumping in and seeing what we can do in the real world.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like them or not, tech giants are here to stay.

The best way to deal with their all-invasive presence is to benefit from it.

The best way to benefit from their presence is to use their massive power to generate leads, customers and data for your business.

With just two platforms you can access pretty much everyone in the world, and that’s only going to increase as internet technology proliferates all through the new markets that are getting internet access.

This is all big, ground-breaking stuff, but behind it is the simple fact; if you master using these two platforms, it’ll make a big change to your life.

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