Pro Niche Site Review

By Jamie McSloy / August 26, 2017
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Pro Niche Site Review

My friend Kyle recently contacted me to let me know whether I’d like to review his course Pro Niche Site before it goes live again. I figured that it’s relevant to you niche site builders and some of you might be interested, so I agreed.

The following is a Pro Niche Site review, based on my going through the course having created many niche sites of my own.

Kyle Trouble’s Pro Niche Site Review

This course is designed for people who want to step into the world of making money online. It’s an incredibly realistic course. Even the sales material for it; including the free six-part video series that Kyle has up already, states one thing very clearly:

Making money online isn’t a case of clicking a couple of buttons and sitting back to count your millions as they roll in.

The goal with Pro Niche Site is to help you build a small website that makes you $100 through to a few hundred dollars a month.

Now, that probably doesn’t sound like living the affiliate marketing dream, but let’s talk about goals.

Good goals are SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Sensitive.

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The affiliate marketing dream – make six figures on a beach with your hands tied behind your back – isn’t any of those.

Making a site that brings in $100 per month within the next three to six months is all of those, and if you can make a site that generates $100 a month, then you’ve done the hardest part of learning to make money online.

So the goal of the course is great.

Does It Achieve Those Goals?

Here’s the big, bold lettering and underlined greatest point about this course: Kyle actually takes you step-by-step through the process with a live website. He doesn’t give “I made this one earlier” or “You could theoretically do this…” examples.

He creates a niche website and takes you through what he does. From buying the domain through installing the web theme and editing the posts… all of that is done on a real site.

If you’re a complete newbie to building websites, this course will be extremely valuable for taking you through those steps, because all the different stages can be a pain.

In the course of the twelve-week course, Kyle goes into a lot of detail about most aspects of building a niche site. Generally, it’s split into three stages:

Weeks 1-4 are about finding your niche and doing research.

Weeks 5-8 are about building your site, optimising your site, and making it look nice as well as writing and editing your product reviews/sales letters.

I learned some pretty nifty things from going through the course. For instance, Kyle goes into structuring your site and building it in quite a lot of detail. I know how to build a WordPress site and install a theme, but I still picked up a few things that’ll make my sites better into the future. (Specifically, Kyle is a lot better at making things look nice than I am. Visual design isn’t my forte.)

Weeks 9-12 onwards are about optimising the site and marketing your niche site.

The course is drip-fed to you over the course of those weeks. So you get week one videos on week one, and so on.

I didn’t like the pace personally, but if you’re new, then this shouldn’t be so much of a problem, because you should take everything slowly (and you can always research and build multiple sites at once.)

Here’s What You Get In Pro Niche Site

Let’s put aside the review and my subjective opinion for a second, because it’s really annoying when you search Google and read a ton of reviews, only to find out that none of them tell you exactly what you’ll get.

So, in Pro Niche Site, you’re going to get the following:

  • Twelve weeks’ worth of videos, taking you step-by-step through building a niche site in three stages. Those stages are Finding A Niche, Building A Site and Growing Your Site
  • The weekly videos themselves get pretty specific; Kyle explains how to find sub-niches, analyse your SEO competitors, create graphics and how to use social media )and importantly, how not to.)
  • In those videos (and through text articles underneath the videos) you’ll get a glimpse into how Kyle designed a site in a day from conception through to set up and everything else.
  • Also, Kyle goes through the tools he uses to build his sites.
  • Finally, you get some pretty nifty bonuses that I’ll talk about below.

The sales page is currently closed down. But when the course opens, there’ll be a section with more details as well as (if I remember correctly) a pretty extensive FAQ covering a lot of the details.

Let’s move on to the bonuses, because I’m impressed with those.

The Value Is In The Bonuses

If this launch is anything like the last one, you also get several bonuses.

  1. You get access to a video detailing Kyle’s process for creating a sales letter from start to finish. This is an hours’ worth of material.
  2. You get a glossary and a vault of updated material. This talks you through the tools, terms and other things that Kyle uses.
  3. Most importantly, you get time both as a screen-share and on one-to-one chats with Kyle himself.

There is huge value in those bonuses, especially the last one.

When it comes to niche sites – and most stuff in general – you can either find yourself going around in circles and feeling lost, or you can go in a straight line.

Learning from someone who has already worked out what you need to learn is the quickest way to go in a straight line.

Kyle obviously knows how to build a niche site. He links to them from his main site, he’s open about the earnings (posting screenshots, etc.) and you can see out in the open how his sites are performing by doing a little research like you would for any other competing sites.

So, with that, getting access to ask him about questions on niche sites will save you time and money. A simple handful of questions answered could possibly be worth more than the video course itself.

How Much Does Pro Niche Site Cost?

The Pro Niche Site course costs $297 (Currently On Offer At $197 – Saving Of $100).

That’s a reasonable amount for an online course, but when you think in terms of the potential income a niche site can generate, it’s pretty affordable.

When you consider the price of getting it wrong versus getting it right the cost starts to look very favourable. Here’s what I mean.

If you have a good niche site and it brings in a couple of hundred dollars a month, then you’ll make a couple of thousand a year.

On the other hand, if you have a dud niche site, then you might make $0 a year and lose your domain and hosting money, making a loss.

Now, those two things are on extreme ends, but put yourself in a situation where you stand to lose, say, $100 on a bad investment.

Would you pay $197 to turn that -$100 into +$2,000?

What if I told you that you could try it risk-free and get access to the creator before you make a decision?

There’s a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on Pro Niche Site. So providing you aren’t afraid to send an email saying “this isn’t for me,” there’s very little risk involved with ordering Pro Niche Site. In the meantime, Kyle offers office hours and can give you advice on turning your niche site ideas into an investment that makes the cost of the course back.

If that figure still sounds daunting, you can pay in instalments. That way, you can have a look, talk to Kyle and get feedback and see what the course is about and how it works.

Kyle makes the risk as minimal as possible for you in order to get you on track to building a profitable niche site, which you can do by clicking to start the Pro Niche Site process below:

Get 6 Videos Free

Wait… I Can’t Buy Pro Niche Site Yet! What’s That About?

Because Kyle Trouble offers consultations and coaching for his Pro Niche Site customers, it’s not a course that’s open all the time.

You have to wait because he opens up his schedule so that he can concentrate on helping everyone who orders out. He offers one to one voice coaching which takes time.

To the best of my knowledge, the course will next go live on August 30th, 2017.

EDIT: Pro Niche Site Is LIVE Now For This Weekend

In the meantime, there are six videos which are totally free. (You just put in your email address.) They’re pretty good because they give you not only valuable information about some of the benefits and pitfalls of building niche sites, but also a look into the style of presentation, quality and subject matter of the rest of the course.

All in all, clicking the link below will give you access to six free videos which will help you decide whether Pro Niche Site is right for you, and by the time you finish them the course will be open for enrolment should you decide it’s for you.

Get On The Pro Niche Site Waitlist

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