How To Build A Simple Lead Generation Website

By Jamie McSloy / August 1, 2017
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Commenter Kyle left his thoughts on this article the other day:

That’s a good tip, but you would think that hundreds of freelancers would have already pounced on this.

I guess if you niche down really far it could work.

To summarise for those of you who hate clicking links, the article is about flipping the script on potential clients and the comment suggested that many freelancers must have already done what I suggested – intercepting clients (by creating blog posts or little websites) – so that if you were to try it today, it wouldn’t work.

Aaron asked for more general business type posts a couple of days back, and so I thought I’d write more about this.

What I’ll talk about in this article is useful whether you’re a freelance copywriter, ebook seller or professional wrought iron staircase installation guy.

Nobody Is A Tech Genius

Way, way back, I wrote about competition – specifically competition for those online niches; affiliate marketing, web design products and “become the blog guru” courses. Those niches are heavily, heavily competitive and if you want to compete in them, then you need an angle. It needs to be a pretty clever angle at that.

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However, if you’re part of this niche, and you probably are if you’ve found your way to this corner of the internet, then you have a view from inside the bubble.

Outside the bubble, you can see multi-million pound companies with barely readable sales material and websites that hardly work. Websites which you could do a better job creating with Thrive Content Builder and a weekend of following the most basic “How to build a WordPress Website” course on Udemy.

Needless to say, SEO isn’t all that much better. Sure, there are the SEO hounds who get $5 Fiverr articles and spam them to hell with keywords to rank for low competition pages, but when old Doris looks for “Where do I buy a new knitting needle in England?” you can be there.

Or your clients can be there.

Your competitive advantage as a direct response marketer (or otherwise a guy who knows how the internet works) is that you know how the internet works. I’ve been to doctors who can only type with their index fingers and bought from stores that still handwrite all of their receipts because “computers are too complicated.”

Before we move on, let me state this: If you think everyone in business is some tech genius that can already handle their website, email marketing (haha!), social media and actually get clients online, then you’re mistaken.

Let’s move on.

Simple Lead Generation Websites Are SIMPLE

Blogs are a pain in the neck.

This little portfolio-turned-hobby website is possibly the most stressful thing I do outside of bad clients. The returns aren’t very good either!

The good news though is that creating a lead generation website is very easy. It’ll be even easier for you because I’m going to give you my blueprint.

Most of the lead generation websites I create are five pages. Here are the five pages:

  • Home Page
  • About
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Contact

The homepage can be some general message stating what you’re about, but it’s mostly just a pretty way of linking to the other pages on your site.

Your about page is the same as any other about page. Who are you, what are you doing for your clients and why do they want to be a client? In other words, it’s a soft-sell sales page.

Your Services page is more of the same but a slightly harder sell.

Your blog page is just a set of your latest articles that are totally not just SEO bait for the problems that your clients will face… totally not. This isn’t a blog in terms of a regular commitment. You can just choose not to display the dates, write timeless content and collect those emails forever. Speaking of which, let’s move on.

What Do You DO With These Lead Generation Websites?

Above, you’ve got the basic recipe for creating a decent lead generation website that’ll take you maybe a weekend to create at the longest.

But why would you do this?

Remember, the whole goal is to intercept a potential customer or client when they’re in the act of wanting to buy your service but mostly not knowing it yet. You’re flipping the script and making yourself the chased (for your business) as opposed to the chaser (hey give me your money!)

A simple lead generation system isn’t your only weapon in the “getting clients” tool box, but it’s a quick and easy one that will pay dividends. As I stated above… it’s also good for tiny affiliate sites, selling products or whatever.

Here’s an example (I’ll do two because guys who aren’t copywriters must get bored with these lazy examples):

Say you’re a copywriter. You write in a ton of different niches and you have a personal website which talks about a ton of other stuff that’s not interesting to potential clients.

You find that you’re great at writing in the financial/survival niche. You’ve read my handy guide on creating a simple lead generation website. So you go to and you search “”

It’s available. Fantastic. The domain name doesn’t really matter but if it’s vaguely related then that’s good enough.

You write a handful of sales letters, do some basic keyword research and write a few blog posts, then up it goes. If you really want to look like an expert, write a free seven day course that teaches survival nutjobs how to convince their readers the only way to survive the apocalypse is with your marketing prowess. Email captures. Thank you readers!

Example Two

Let’s say you have one of those fix ‘em up services for rich peoples’ cars. To add some more colour to the example we’ll also say you sell expensive car polish too.

You can create a simple lead generation website that looks like either a “review portal” (you guys have seen them; they have the star ratings and table star-by-star comparisons and stuff,) or a fake blog-type thing.

You can segment your audience on the home page.

“Looking to clean your Ferrari?” v. “Want a Full Cleaning Service?” v. “I Just Want Some Info.”

I can’t imagine there are many people who clean their own Ferraris, but that doesn’t matter. This is a simple lead generation website. You firstly plug the polish and then upsell to your cleaning service.

On the second option, you just do the soft sell.

On the third option, you present the information on replacing light bulbs or whatever it is car people do, and then… you guessed it… upsell to your service.

Add in the obvious contact form or email signup at the bottom of every page, and you will get highly targeted leads.

Final Thoughts

Now, you’re guaranteeing yourself success doing this. (Obviously with other things as well… this isn’t your only strategy.)

People are going to look at the above and say, “But what if other people do it?”

There are a few reasons why no internet marketers do anything effective in this area:

  1. They’re idiots following the latest black hat trends (like trying to make Instagram accounts!)
  2. None of these opportunities will show up on a keyword research tool
  3. It actually requires a bit of work in finding the “angle” for the lead gen site and writing the material

It’s worth mentioning the second point there. These opportunities don’t show up on keyword research tools because the average internet marketer is looking for a) global/non-local/non-specific terms and b) the internet marketer filters for high search volume.

A guy who is looking to sell his “Ultimate Warrior Fitness” ebook is looking to compete for “fitness for alpha males” type keywords with a million searches but twelve competing pages.

With this lead generation method, you can target search terms that are very specific and overall low traffic.

A guy who maintains Ferraris in your city for instance, will maybe get a hundred visitors to his site per month, and five of them will turn into leads. However, he gets a lifetime customer and the value of that lead is in the thousands over the course of his relationship with his customer.

In terms of internet stuff, this is totally basic. But it’s not a given in the wider business world, and that’s where you can get an incredible advantage over your complete lack of competition.


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