Is Every Niche Site Idea Already Taken?

By Jamie McSloy / October 7, 2017
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Is Every Niche Site Idea Already Taken?

Every day there are millions of threads about niche sites (and other business ideas) questioning whether everything in the world is saturated. You might think that your niche site idea is saturated. After all, there are big sites, other niche sites and forums/tweeters/Facebook groups and so on… and they’re all talking about what you’re going to try and write about.

There’s only one question to ask when you think, “Is this niche too competitive?”

Who Cares?

Here’s a good example: I do a lot of direct response copywriting work in the survival niche. Now, for those that don’t know, there are about a trillion survival websites out there. There are survival magazine publishers, huge forums and people offering courses, products and newsletters talking about all possible kinds of doom and gloom, prepping and self-defence.

In other words, you could say that it’s a saturated niche.

Except it isn’t.

It is if you want to create a site like “100 best bug out backpacks” although I think you could still create a niche site around that.

But let’s take survival as a good topic to start with. This could be fitness or making money or financial investing. Substitute your market, basically, but I use those examples all the time.

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But let’s take survival.

“Survival” is an evergreen, constantly changing niche. It’s also location dependent. Finally, it attracts a wide range of people from all political spectrums, walks of life and with different needs.

You are one of those people, even if you don’t care about survivalism.


Because your world could come crashing down at any moment. Whether it’s the Illuminati finally coming to take your guns or your boss finally firing you because you spend all of your working hours playing Super Mario online… something can go wrong in your life.

How are you going to deal with that?

Some people will recommend you get ready to head for the hills and live off the land.

Others will say “make sure you’ve built your savings up” and “go and stay with your parents.”

Now, you might think the latter example isn’t really survivalism, but there are plenty of people in the survival market who think like that. They’re the ones buying cryptocurrency. Then there are the people who recommend buying a plot of land and becoming unofficial farmers. There are also the gun nuts preparing for the next Civil War.

What Has This Got To Do With Niche Sites?

You might think that the above is too high level for a niche site. You just want to write some articles and get paid.

That’s cool. When I create a niche site, so do I.

But this is how you target a saturated niche.

You think, “What’s my solution?” and then you answer it using the products, books and links at your disposal.

For instance, survival market again.

If you think, “Yeah… we’re going to have a civil war soon,” and your answer to that is to stock a ton of firearms, learn how to knife-fight and to store all of your money in gold and silver, then great.

On the other hand, if you think, “Nothing is going to happen except maybe I could get my house burgled or I could have a house fire,” then that’s great too.

I’ve written about both of those things and plenty in between. (As well as some stuff way outside the norm.)

But the key thing to take away is that those two solutions present an entirely different bunch of opportunities.

Situation 1 will mean the traditional survivalist/military stuff: recommend bug out equipment, survival tools, books on combat and gold and silver bullion affiliate programs.

Situation 2 will mean concentrate on a sub-niche like home defence: recommend security cameras, fireproof lock-boxes and cloud storage solutions for personal data.

Once you’ve thought about the above, apply your solution to other scenarios. If you’re on the “keep it realistic” side, then throw in economic instability to the house fire scenario. If you are of the “bug out now, Red Dawn mindset,” then think, “Alright… we’re bugging out. What would our readers need if their bug out location was compromised?”

Solution first, because that’s your market. Then come the product ideas.

Final Thoughts

We’ve used the survival niche here because it’s an easy example that’s novel.

The same applies to fitness, making money and every interest though. When it comes to saturated niches, you are the differentiator.

You can’t compete with, but if you are a twenty-five year old who is a natural endomorph with knee issues and who wants to train to look good (as opposed to being strong) then you will present a certain set of solutions. doesn’t.

Niche saturation is only a problem if you’re not doing anything original. Also, if you’re doing original stuff, you don’t have to worry about either niche saturation or finding products to promote.

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    How do I know if my original idea is a solution the market needs and is willing to pay for?

    Is it Just via A:B testing and keywords basically?

    Also I noticed your ‘time out be in my email list ‘ sections mid article and I have to say they are spectacular from a call to action perspective

    Imo much less in your face as other sites email popups. 🙂

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