Creating A Better Offer For Niche Site Products

By Jamie McSloy / April 28, 2018
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Creating An Offer For Niche Site Products

Earlier on in the week, I wrote an email about creating offers for high-ticket affiliate sales. I sent this out to my list, and people seemed to like it.

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Reader Gabriel Hernandez had a question on Twitter which was a good question:

Here’s the thing: I’ve spent a couple of days creating bonuses for a product I’m promoting as an affiliate called Start Dropshipping Stuff.

I’ve written three reports so far, and I’m currently writing up my notes for the course and putting together a collection of copy templates. These are taking me a lot longer than I thought, because they’re in depth, useful and will add a lot of value to anyone’s dropshipping business if they use them.

As such… you only want to do this sort of thing when you make a reasonable commission on the product, because otherwise it’s not worth your time.

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If I did the same for every $50 product I got a $10 cut for, I’d spend a hell of a lot of time writing for not a lot of money.

Niche sites fall into this. Whilst you might sell $500 products on your niche site, you’ll also be selling stuff where you make $10 or $20 per commission. You can’t afford to take days out of your schedule to create additional offers for those things.

On the other hand, you might want to give people a little extra incentive to buy. So let’s answer Gabriel’s question and think of some simple bonuses that we can offer people to help them decide to purchase.

The Easiest, Cheapest Offer To Give

Let’s take the path of least-resistance when it comes to niche site bonus ideas.

The first thing that you can do, and possibly the easiest bonus idea ever, is to simply say;

“If you buy through my link, send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you with any questions you have about the product or [whatever the product is for.]”

This, in nearly all cases, results in you having to do absolutely nothing, but it instils trust and gives potential buyers an additional point of contact.

This is great when you’re selling Amazon products or products where they aren’t going to have a reasonable expectation of customer support from the manufacturer.

Free and Easy Bonuses

Remember, our goal isn’t to spend a ton of time creating product bonuses. Unlike with a high-ticket offer, you aren’t going to want to spend hours either making your offer the best out there.

But there are simple things you can do:

  • Create A Cheat Sheet
  • Offer A “Resources” Sheet Or “Ideas For Using [X]” Sheet
  • Offer Up Stuff You’ve Already Created In A Different Format (i.e. an ebook with a handful of how-to articles)
  • Create a page where you list upsells, cross-sells and tihngs like that in a “list of essential items you need” styled document

Simple things like this increase the perceived value of the offer whilst not taking much work. In most instances you already know and have written about these things elsewhere on your site.

Final Thoughts

In closing, the name of the game with low ticket affiliate offers is to create the maximum amount of value in terms of output for the minimum effort expenditure.

You can do this by adding things you’ve done already and things you would do anyway.

But in general, don’t sweat it too much. The benefit of lower-ticket offers is that people will buy more on impulse anyway. Remember, with any offer, you’re not trying to convince people who don’t want to buy – you’re trying to convince people who need the solution being offered to take that one final step towards hitting the buy button.

So don’t overthink it and use the stuff above, and you’ll be a million miles ahead of most people who run niche sites and low-ticket affiliate offers.

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Apologies for the delay to those that ordered earlier in the week. I’ve tried to create the best bonuses I could, and am leaving no stone unturned.