Copywriting Transferrable Skills

By Jamie McSloy / June 15, 2018

Copywriting Transferrable Skills

Alright, stop the presses.

I was about to write about something else today, but check this guy on Reddit’s copywriting section out:

He’s wondering whether or not copywriting has transferrable skills. In other words, what skills does copywriting give you that allow you to transition out of copywriting as a career if you hate it?

Let’s find out in today’s article.

With Copywriting, ANYTHING Is Possible

Let’s just get the hyperbole out of the way here.

If you master the art of copywriting, then you can do anything.

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Here’s the mathematical formula for that:

Copywriting = selling through the written word.

If you can sell one thing with copywriting, you can sell anything.

Ergo, if you want to start a gardening business you can.

Should you want to start a marketing agency, you can.

If you decide you love fashion and want to start your own fashion label, you can.

Copywriting allows you to create adverts and sales letters that sell any object invented or yet to be invented.

Arguably it’s easier with products that haven’t been invented yet. Another time, another day.

But copywriting is also a gateway skill. A gateway to what?

Let’s find that out too.

Specific Transferrable Copywriting Skills

If you can master copywriting, then you can sell stuff in written form. You can also use the exact same skill to transition into creating videos, running PPC campaigns and any other online business model you run will benefit from the direct marketing principles you learn as a copywriter.

Again, you can run any business using these skills.

If you think about something like BeachBody, you’ll realise that they use a text book direct marketing formula.

Nobody would call them copywriters because they’re a fitness company. But they succeed mainly on copywriting.

If You Are A Freelance Copywriter

If you’re a successful freelance copywriter then you’ll learn a ton of skills which apply to any business. Things as basic as customer service, working to deadlines and learning how to give people what they want are transferrable skills that few actually have.

If You Work On Funnels

If you work on complete funnels, i.e. you write ads, emails, landing pages and sales pages, then you have all the skills you need to transition into basically any business.


Because every business needs marketers with this understanding and these skills.

Writing Is A Skill

Writing is a skill in and of itself, and we live in the biggest time for making money through written word that there has ever been.

If you can craft good copy, then you can probably succeed at any form of writing.

That means you can craft fiction.

You can write white papers.

You can write how-to books.

If you want to write travel memoirs, then you can do that.

The options are unlimited.

Final Thoughts

This will challenge for the shortest article ever on this site.

That’s because I’m preaching to the crowd. If you’ve read the archives, then you have a million ideas and countless skills to extrapolate into your own vision of success.

But for those who are new and stumbled from the Twitter or Google universe, copywriting presents you with countless opportunities.

So look around this site, find out what they are, what you need to do to get them… and then get to it.