Copywriting Is A Pivot Skill

By Jamie McSloy / April 27, 2017
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Copywriting As A Base Skill

Learning copywriting fundamentals is a benefit not only because copywriting is a profitable skill in and of itself. It’s also valuable as a launching point for a ton of other skills which are both profitable and enhance the profitability of copywriting in and of itself.

This probably has a technical term among the business management crowd, but I refer to it in my head as a pivot skill.

Simply, when you learn copywriting, you can pivot into other skills and careers more easily than you can without the skill.

Because I’m stuck for time, here are a few ways copywriting can help you massively in learning other skills.

Pay-Per-Click (And Paid Advertising In General)

I’ve always been daunted by the idea of paid advertising. I think most people are. It’s a form of gambling in that you put the money up front and you stand to lose it all with a negative return on investment.

Naturally, this is exactly the case if you’re throwing money into paid ads without knowing what you’re doing.

While direct response copywriting isn’t the magical cure-all to those fears nor is it a guarantee that every campaign will work, it comes pretty close.

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Essentially, as a copywriter you are tasked with understanding what people want and then gradually moving them from being a person going about their daily life to a person clicking on that “Buy” button and loving it.

Paid ads are essentially short form copy that leads to long form copy. The medium might change, but the process stays the same.

Content Creation and Intellectual Property-Based Products)

Let’s say you’re reading my site because you want to write novels.

You might think, “Forget this copywriting rubbish… I just want to entertain people.”

There’s no better way to learn how to write engaging material than by studying copywriting. In a long-form sales letter, every word is designed to push you further down the page.

A lot of authors got started in advertising before pivoting into writing fiction. The fact that they could keep a person emotionally hooked benefited them to no end, and it’ll benefit you too.

Social Media & Other Social Skills

Again, copywriting is useful for social media and other socially-based skills in almost every respect.

Email marketing is essentially a set of copywriting templates written in a way that pushes the person down a funnel in multiple instalments. Social media is all about grabbing people’s attention and keeping it.

Once you get a hang of copywriting, these skills become a lot less daunting because you’re able to condense the millions of tricks, tips and techniques (and the billions of audience members) into simple A>B equations.

Business Administration, Structuring and Other Stuff

I knew very little about how online business worked until I got hired as a copywriter.

Before that, I was on the outside looking in. I wanted to be a business owner, but all of the little details escaped me. How do you get clients? How do you keep people’s interest? Most importantly, how do you unapologetically turn that into cold, hard cash that you can buy stuff with?

Businesses by necessity have to let you in as a copywriter, and you get privileged access to the machinations of those businesses.

You know how they get customers because you write the ads.

You know how they build a relationship with their customers because you write the emails.

Finally, you know how they sell their products and what their sales figures are like because you do the selling.

This is information people would pay many, many gold coins for, and you get paid to learn it.

Final Thoughts

I’ve got to wrap up there because I have a site to fix. (Unfortunately, being a copywriter won’t stop you from breaking your website.)

The point of this quick article is for those people who think, “I don’t want to be a copywriting god, but should I learn copywriting anyway?”

The answer is that yes, you should. It’s valuable in almost every other business discipline too.

  • Jakub says:

    As WSP’s say – selling is the most transferrable skill you can have. Every second you spend improving your salesmanship gives you a 100x return on investment.

    And – EVERYTHING is sales.

    Making friends is sales – you provide value and get value in return
    Dating is sales – see above. You sell yourself, and they sell themselves.
    Applying to any job is sales – you sell yourself.
    BUYING is sales – you still have to get contacts, negotiate, etc. I don’t mean buying a cheeseburger either.

    Copywriting is sales with words. Can be transferred to almost anything you do in life.


  • Cattaboy says:

    Even though I am a copywriting beginner, i have noticed theres somewhat of a transferability to real life conversations as well!

    Its very interesting when you begin understanding how people tick…

    great work Mcsloy

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