How To Build Your Own Content Marketing Blueprint

By Jamie McSloy / February 27, 2018
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How To Build Your Own Content Marketing Blueprint

Today I was working on a scheme that’d simplify my content marketing.

I recommend you do the same, and instead of telling you what to do, I’m going to tell you how to do it.

Over the course of several years, there are things that pop up repeatedly when you work online. Whether it is SEO terms that repeat across different niches, or certain topics that have universal appeal you’ll find that you tread the same paths quite a lot.

I’ve spent the morning putting all of those things together and turning it into a framework for filling a content marketing plan in record time.

Now, there’s a second element to this whole thing, which is content syndication. That’s something I’ll talk about some other time.

Suffice to say; once you’ve generated the content, you have to syndicate it in a ton of different forms. It’s still the same content though.

So what did I do?

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Story Time

Part of the reason I do this site is because the constant turning of ideas forces me to build better ways of looking at everything I do.

Funnily enough, this benefit was completely invisible to me when I started.

But this morning, I figured I’d put together something that made the whole process of building all future websites easier. I’ve recently worked my way into a black pit of always having too much to do.

So we optimise because we have to.

Essentially, I took all of the things I always write about and put them into a big list.

Then I followed the same blueprint as in this copywriting exercise, taking out the subject-specific information.

Then I added the Maslow’s Hierarchy pyramid.

Finally, I took the questions from this article and put them all in.

Then I put them all into an Excel file so I could substitute new data into the list.

And then I figured out that each column could be a new category on a site, with all the post types and general subjects listed automatically.

Hey presto – sixty-three posts per category.

If a website I create has ten categories, that’s enough to fill the site forever.

An Example

Let’s say you have a category that is, “Dog training.”

You also have a list of post types. These might be “How to,” “Product Reviews” and “List posts.” List posts are good full stop – among their benefits are that they are easy to do when you’re feeling unmotivated.

Anyway, your matrix might look like this:

  • Dog training how-to
  • Dog training product reviews
  • Dog training list post

From there, you obviously specify a bit further, but the idea is to make article generation a straightforward process.

Then do it with the further categories which could be “Dog health” and “Dog psychology.”

  • Dog training how-to
  • Dog training product reviews
  • Dog training list post
  • Dog health how-to
  • Dog health product reviews
  • Dog health list post
  • Dog psychology how to
  • Dog psychology product reviews
  • Dog psychology list post

Final Thoughts

Some people take months or years to plan a site. This process will mean it’ll likely take an afternoon. And that’s for a huge site with hundreds of articles.

If you’re talking about a niche site with one hundred articles or so, then you could have ten subject categories and ten post types, and you’re most of the way there.

An added benefit of this system that I alluded to at the beginning is that you’ll find a lot of stuff carries over between different niches and markets. Stuff like keyword research might seem different, but a lot of the same things pop up time and again.

Learning what carries over not only makes things quicker and easier, but it also gives you a better idea of the world holistically.

Anyway, it’s a simple process and simple concept.

I’ll talk about this all later in one of the more secretive projects I have planned.

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Just saying.