Boxing Day: Free Copywriting Videos

By Jamie McSloy / December 26, 2017
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Boxing Day: Free Videos

Alright, it’s Christmas time, and here I am with some more presents. Yesterday I clued you all in on some Kindle Unlimited books that’ll help you with copywriting stuff.

Today, we’re going to do some YouTube video watching.

The general idea is this: If you want to get into Ecommerce, selling online or anything of the sort, there’s a simple three-step formula.

  1. Learn copywriting and sales
  2. Learn how advertising works online
  3. Put up a site where you can sell stuff

This isn’t going to be highbrow, in depth or anything (wait until the New Year for that) but you can basically learn how to do the above with a few videos.

Let’s get started.

A Couple Of Copywriting Episodes

Friends of the blog Kyle and Nabeel did a couple of podcasts between them. Kyle interviewed Nabeel about copywriting, email marketing and more. You can check those episodes out here:

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Facebook Advertising

Copywriting is a fantastic skill, but it’s taken to another level when you can actually put campaigns together.

The easiest way to get started – whether you’re a product creator, affiliate marketer or service business provider (and you can be all three) – is to start with Facebook ads.

Facebook is a pretty insidious thing but there’s no doubt they’ve created one of the two most powerful ad platforms in the history of the world.

Facebook advertising is easier to get into and requires a lower budget than the other one (Adwords) so you should start there. Facebook can get really complicated, but the fundamentals are easy.

Use this video.


Some people recommend Shopify and other similar platforms.

I recommend you learn how to build your own Ecommerce store and the best way to do this is to use WordPress and Woocommerce.

WordPress is the king of content management systems for the web and it’s one of those technology things you need to know for future success. Woocommerce is the de-facto ecommerce application for WordPress, and so if you want to do anything with ecommerce into the future, you should look into it.

Unfortunately, Woocommerce is cumbersome.

Still, there are a billion tutorials on it so that you can learn the basics and set your own ecommerce store up. Here’s one:

Final Thoughts

Online business can be distilled into a few key concepts:

  1. Create product
  2. Create marketing materials
  3. Advertise product
  4. Sell product
  5. Rinse and repeat

There are infinite different ways you can split that, but the fundamentals stay the same.

Concentrate on the fundamentals and then expand.

Also, be merry for this Christmas period and into 2018.