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Affiliate Disclaimer

On this site, I write about learning about copywriting, online business and the business of writing and publishing professionally.

On occasion, I’ll recommend products and services that are useful to the above aims.

For some of those products and/or services, I may receive a commission.

This commission comes at no cost to you, the reader, and makes no difference to your purchasing experience. It is merely an incentive provided by and paid for by the merchant whose services I promote.

The goal of this site is to provide honest and reliable information on the subjects I mentioned above.

To that aim, the reviews and product recommendations I share on this site are honest and are of products which I personally use. Should this not be the case, I will make that explicitly clear. (Though, to my knowledge I haven’t reviewed a product on this site yet which I haven’t used myself.)

For a list of products I’ve used and reviewed, check this page.

Is Affiliate Marketing Ethical?

Some people think that taking a commission from products is sleazy, and that selling a product is in some ways a “dirty business.”

As a copywriter, businesses come to me specifically to ask my help to sell their stuff. Whether they’re real estate companies looking to sell homes or craft companies trying to sell pencils, they need help getting people to buy their products.

Good products don’t simply leap into the arms of waiting buyers. The sales process is a necessary one.

It is possible to sell products without being a liar or otherwise silver-tongued sales guru. I’ve written about this in more detail here, as well as here.

Hopefully, the above articles make my stance on the issue clear. If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me via all the channels made available elsewhere on the site.

Other Disclaimers and Whatnot

If you’re a company with a product you think would be helpful for my readers and you’d like me to review it, then you can contact me. However, this isn’t a guarantee I’ll review the product; either privately or to publish. That will be discussed after you contact me. Generally speaking I don’t do this unless it’s a particularly good and relevant product.

Sometimes people come forward and ask if they can guest post on my site. At this time – and for the foreseeable future – the answer is “No, I’m not accepting guest posts for JamieMcSloy.co.uk.” That’s not a knock on you or your idea – it’s just not in line with the goals I have.

Once again, if you have any questions, drop me an email or contact me through the various channels.