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About This Site

About You


This site is about writing and the business of writing.

If you’d like to learn about how to make a living as a writer, then you’ve found the right place.

I write tutorials, case studies and other stuff which will help you become more successful.

I’m a professional copy-writer and writer of fiction, non-fiction and other stuff, so I’ve got a lot of experience across the board.

If you’re a business and you’d like to talk about using my services, then I’ve got a dedicated copywriting site set up which you can get to by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about writing, then feel free to browse the site.

If you want to learn more about me, keep reading!

About Me

I’m a writer. I have been for quite some time – even longer than I realised before I sat down to write this section. I started writing professionally in 2010, when I had a few short stories published. Since then, I started my own publishing company, have written fiction and non-fiction books, and have professionally been a copy-writer since 2014.

My Background.

I wrote short stories as a child. Then I became a songwriter and musician in my teens (who didn’t?) I went to University to study Literature and Music, and then I started a professional web development and internet marketing company in 2009. I also wrote short stories in my spare time – some of which got published.

I went back to University for a Master’s Degree in English Language in 2011 whilst still working on my company, which at the same time won awards and funding.

I continued this after graduating again. I started my own publishing company to release some of my books and short stories from 2014 onwards.

I started taking on writing clients sometime in 2014.

I now write professionally for clients and get to do all kinds of writing projects on top of that, most of which will end up in the case studies section of the site if they’re relevant.

Why Be A Copy Writer?

I really love writing. Most of my thoughts end up as notes, which then get fleshed out into a diary. My natural form of communication is through the written word. Even when I didn’t get paid for it, I was writing anyway.

Copy-writing is really exciting to me, because I love business. I love small businesses in particular, and they tend to be who I work with. Small businesses create value out of nothing, and if I can help that process move along, I’m all too happy to do that.

Why Build This Site?

If I wanted just a portfolio site, then I could leave it at the pages I have set up specifically for My Services.

I want to achieve a lot more than that though.

I believe that there’s never been a better time to be a writer than now. There are millions of different avenues to make a living as a writer, and writing can add value to almost any enterprise. This blog is going to be continuously updated with thoughts, studies and projects to demonstrate that fact.

I wrote above that I didn’t realise how many years I’d been writing until I sat down to write this page. I’ve accumulated a lot of tips and tricks over the years that are part of my everyday writing habits now, and I’ll share them with you on this site.

What Other People Have Said About Me

No… this isn’t where people talk about how weird I am. This is what just a handful of my customers have said about my writing for various projects:

“Out of all the so called SEO writers on the Internet, this one is the best so far. Surely see you again with my next project. Thank you very much.”

“He is very creative in his writing. Totally enjoy reading his work. Thanks”

“He was responsive and presented a document from a corporate perspective in due time. I would recommend him for corporate, technical documents.”

“Excellent article; well researched and followed the brief I gave. Written in the style our company asked for.”

“WOW….JUST WOW!!! Another AMAZING article. Always over delivers and articles are of top quality. I asked for 1000 word home page material and Jamie delivered. Love your work :D”

“This writer is a genius. The best you could ever hire. I wish I could keep him for myself. Totally awesome writer, followed all descriptions, no editing required, delivered in no time at all, 100% recommended”

“I needed an article written with specialised information. The delivery time was super quick, the article had all the data I wanted and everything was spelled correctly and had all the correct grammar. A+ awesome.”

Social Media

Just in case this site isn’t enough to overwhelm you, the site is also on various social media outlets.

You can find them below: