Boxing Day: A Couple Of Videos On Copywriting

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Boxing Day: A Couple Of Videos On Copywriting

Hi. It’s the festive period, which means I’m taking what’s probably my first full three-day period away from the computer in several months.

Obviously, you readers are constantly waiting for useful information though, and so I’d be wrong to not present something for you despite my absence.

So, whilst my advice is to go and enjoy the festive period, for those dedicated among you who want to learn about copywriting and business even over Christmas, here are a couple of gifts:

David Ogilvy

Here’s an interview with James Bond-esque copywriter and advertising king, David Ogilvy.

I recommend you grab his book Ogilvy On Advertising at some point, but listen to this for some insight:

Claude Hopkins – Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising is one of the books on the Gary Halbert 30 Day Copywriter Challenge. It’s a great book for understanding the Direct Marketing business model. Here it is in audio format:

Final Thoughts

There’s over three and a half hours’ of material there from some great minds in advertising.

Consume and enjoy!



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