Christmas Day: Entrepreneurship And Giving

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Christmas Day: Entrepreneurship And Giving

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, and as it’s Christmas day, that’s the theme of the post.

Let me talk about some of the ways you can give value as a writer, businessperson and otherwise.

Value and reciprocation are one of the key cornerstones to creating a successful business – and probably having a successful life This isn’t entirely intuitive when you start, because you think of business as a way to make money.

I’m not going to judge because it’s very hard to get out of the “how do I sustain myself” mindset, but ultimately the world doesn’t care whether you sustain yourself, so you have to do it yourself.

My tip for this is:

Build A Service Business

The easiest way to get started in business is to build a service business. I’ve written about building a service business before, but the short and simple explanation is this:

  • Find a service you can provide that people need
  • Work out how you can charge for this in a way that people will be happy to pay
  • Expand out from your initial offering to other offerings

Doing this ensures you’ll get paid for your work, you’ll have happy customers and you’ll achieve answers to both “how do I support myself?” and “How do I provide value to people?”

But once you’re moving into the areas of making money, you can also

Provide Value as an Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is nothing like the average guru with a lifestyle blog would have you believe.

It’s intense and mathematical. You can read about that at the above link.

However, you’ll probably do better at affiliate marketing if you think about how you’re adding value. If you’re an affiliate, you’re essentially reselling someone’s product. You need to think about how you add value to the offer.

Here’s an easy place to start.

Random Thoughts And Other Stuff

Every so often, I answer reader questions. I’m happy to answer any more you have (though wait until the New Year.) Here’s a list of the questions I’ve answered so far:

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Final Thoughts

This has been a compendium post, but I hope you’ve found something useful.

If you’re reading this on Christmas Day (and you celebrate Christmas) then don’t let me take up any more of your time. Go and enjoy yourself!

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you’re enjoying yourselves!


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