Niche Site Challenge (Sort Of) – Christmas Eve Edition

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The Niche Site Challenge: Christmas Eve Edition

It’s Christmas Eve, and as such, you guys should all be busy doing something else.

I am currently doing something else, but I couldn’t leave the site when I’m one week away from having a post for every day of the year so far. I’m trying to keep the chain alive.

Let’s talk about the Niche Site Challenge.

For those of you who are new to the niche site challenge, let me quickly explain:

  • The niche site challenge is about creating niche sites
  • It’s a challenge you can only do part-time (no quitting your job and dropping your kids off with Grandma)
  • You can only make money from sales letters and SEO (no product launches or advertising)
  • Other than that… I’m not your mum. Do whatever you want!

As you can probably tell, we’re not entirely serious with this challenge. There’s no secret niche site challenge policeman to come and make sure you’re obeying the rules.

Anyway, that’s that. You can read more about it here.

In addition to building niche sites (some of the time) I write a weekly post rounding up various articles that I’ve written (and other challengers have written too.) That’s what you’re reading now.

I also add random thoughts on niche site building to my articles, which is what I’ll do later in the article (possibly not today though. We’ll see!)

What Have I Done This Week In The Niche Site Challenge?

I’m still behind in the niche site challenge. This time next week though I’ll have completed a plan for every post for twenty-eight niche sites (plus everything else I do online outside of this site, which is a day-by-day diary of my adventures online.)

This week, I’ve done more planning. I have a template sheet which I write out (on paper) which gives the titles of every post. Because a niche site’s titles are basically “[Product] Review – [Secondary Keyword]” or something similar, they all contain everything I need to know.

Other Articles & Random Thoughts

Last week I talked about domain auctions. This week I posted an article going through exactly what I was talking about.  You can read the last Niche Site Challenge Update as well as the other articles on this subject in order by following the links below:

  1. 9 Reasons You Should Look At Website Auctions
  2. The Niche Site Challenge Week 33
  3. Profiting From Site Auctions Without Spending A Penny – Real World Walkthrough

In short, you can use the ideas in the above articles if you’re:

  • Short on ideas
  • Don’t know how to execute them
  • Want to see which niches and niche sites sell/make money and which don’t

In short, read those articles, plan some niche sites and get ready to be successful in the New Year.

Final Thoughts

This is a miniature update because it’s Christmas.

If any of you are actually reading this, then go and enjoy Christmas and come back in a few days.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then enjoy your weekend regardless.

We’ll resume the Niche Site Challenge in the New Year, and it’s going to be great.

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