Niche Site Challenge Update: Week 32

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Niche Site Saturday Week 32

It’s Week 32 of the Niche Site Challenge – though I had to check that. The Niche Site Challenge, for those of you who aren’t aware, is an unofficial challenge with the following rules, goals and aims:

  • Challengers build niche websites in order to make money online
  • They work based on affiliate earnings – you write product reviews, sales letters and the like in order to make commissions
  • No product creation, buying ads or other advanced techniques are allowed – it’s you and your words
  • You can only spend 2 hours a day on the project – no quitting your job
  • The challenge lasts for one year

That’s about the long and short of the challenge. It’s unofficial, nobody is going to check on you and there’s no certificate at the end. As long as you’re working on building niche sites, you’re invited to share your thoughts.

As for this update – every week I update everyone on my progress. The good, bad and ugly. I also post other links that are helpful, give random thoughts on building niche sites and whatnot.

This week, there’s a focus on niche site planning and what you can do to start niche websites on the right foot.

(Side Note: I almost forgot about this entry I spent most of my time this afternoon reading and writing for a great topic which I’ll publish tomorrow. If you’re a creative of any sort, you will not want to miss it.)

What I’ve Been Doing This Week For The Niche Site Challenge

I’ve mostly worked past the issues that have kept me from work in general over the past two editions of the NSC updates, and so I’ve actually been able to work on my niche sites this week.


For the most part, I’ve been planning websites, business and writing for the next year.

I recommend that you do this for your niche sites. It makes it all a ton easier.

A niche site doesn’t need more than a hundred posts. That’s two a week. That might seem like a lot if you’re planning on building a lot of websites, but provided you’ve planned in advance, it’ll only take you at maximum an hour to do each post.  That’s a two hour a week commitment.

That’s providing you’ve planned.

The beauty of niche sites is that they aren’t complicated. Niche site planning this week has taken me around twenty minutes to write per site.

That might not seem like a lot, but when you think about it, niche site planning is essentially writing down a list of products.

Do you want to make sure you’ve got enough traffic to your site? Sure

Are you going to do keyword research to maximise your readers? I hope so.

But the general gist of niche site planning can be done in two stages:

  • Find the keywords and other stuff you want to know – this is mostly automated and a case of eyeballing your target market
  • Write a list of products and work out how they slip into the stuff you’ve found above

That’s all there is to it. If you’re an old hat at building niche sites, then niche site planning becomes a bit of a subconscious process. Recently, I’ve listened to friends or looked in catalogues and thought, “I just know that that would make a great niche site.”

Probably five or six times out of ten I’ve been right. A couple of times the traffic hasn’t been there and another time it’s more competitive than I thought it’d be. Only ten percent of the time was I really out in every respect.


If you’re not at the level where you can kind of guess that a niche market is there, then do the niche site challenge. Building a lot of sites in a short period will arm you with the knowledge. If you’re wondering how to do that… ask yourself one question and then get started.

Final Thoughts

This has been a blessedly short update. It’s basically a rallying call – start building niche sites in 2017 by engaging in niche site planning now. An hour or so of doing keyword research followed by writing a list of all the products you’re going to write about and all the topics you need to cover will pay dividends when you have to get to the actual writing stage.

If you do a good job of niche site planning, then your commitment to your niche site becomes writing a couple of articles a week and nothing more. Even if you have ten niche websites, you’ll be working on them less than you would a part time job.

Oh, and niche websites are finite. You don’t have to keep writing articles for them forever. Once you hit a certain point, they’ll keep sending you traffic, readers and sales into the future, even if you rarely update them. My earliest niche website is from around three years ago now. It still gets hundreds of visitors a month, even though I haven’t updated it since January 2015.

Anyway, that’s all for this week’s Niche Site Challenge update. As always, drop your thoughts, questions and other stuff in the comments.

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