Niche Site Saturday Week 28

niche site challenge niche site saturday

Niche Site Challenge Week 28 

It is week twenty-eight of the Niche Site Challenge.

For those of you who do not know, the niche site challenge is an informal little challenge that I run on my website and post about every week.

The challenge is as follows;

  • You build multiple little websites with the idea that you earn passive income through sales letters
  • No PPC, Product Creation or other sneaky tricks. It’s just you and your copywriting/SEO ability
  • Other than that… it’s all up to you. The amount of sites, what you do on them… it’s all down to your experimenting.

Now click strength challenge, let me explain what I do in this weekly update.

Every week, I make everyone feel guilty for not having gotten anything done as far as their niche websites go. Well, at least I feel guilty myself I don’t do anything. I update every week with what I’ve been doing, random thoughts about niche sites, and, where it’s relevant, what other people have been writing about the Niche Site Challenge.

With that said, let’s get on with the first random thought of the week.

Random Thought: The Learning Curve – You Can Fly

Here’s an unspoken truth across a lot of the internet: There’s a pretty big learning curve for building niche sites.

Sure, you aren’t going to have the same pressure with building a niche site as you are with building a massive authority site or trying your hand at e-commerce, but with any sort of website building you’re going to have a learning curve. There are a lot of independent pieces that you have to put together.

I say this not to be discouraging, but because it’s easy to get disheartened if you don’t get massive success when you’re building your first niche site. You might have problems like not knowing what to write about, or not getting any visitors, or not getting any sales.

With each of those things, you are going to have a little bump on the road. You have to work through them. When you do, you’ll be better for it. Eventually, each little thing that causes you problems will disappear, and eventually you’ll be able to put it all together.

The reason I’m telling you this is that when you work out each little bit, and you’ve got a whole system together, then it is very quick and very easy to put a niche site together.

At that point, you have more ideas than you can reasonably work on. You’ll be able to see ideas within most niches, and see how you can put them into good effect as niche sites.

Whenever you struggle, remember that eventually you’ll get to the point where it’s all easy.

What I’ve Been Doing

My plan for the next twenty-four weeks-that’s right, we’ve got twenty-four weeks left in the Niche Site Challenge-is to create one website week.

I just finished with the last website I was doing. That will have seventy articles over the course of its first year. That is all written in completed, and I will launch it when I next by some domains.

I’m going to repeat the process every single week without fail. I have around thirty-five ideas for niche sites at the moment, so I should be okay for ideas are assuming none of them are terrible and will bring no traffic.

Because the system is in place, it’s just a case of writing the articles and carrying on with consistency now.

Also… Niche Ideas: Think Exciting

One of my friends is into adventure sports. Things like throwing himself out of a plane or rallying through the desert. It’s not really my thing, but if you were into adventure stuff, then you could do worse than see if you could create niche sites around it.

His new hobby, which he was telling me about earlier today, is a perfect example of a niche which is great for a niche site.

  • Hardly anyone does it.
  • The equipment all costs between five hundred and a thousand dollars.
  • It’s very easy to inspire people just by talking about it.

The last point is a key one for thinking about niche site ideas or business ideas in general-when you have a good topic, your sales material and general content creates itself.

Adventure sports are really easy to write for. I remember I had a copywriting Klein while back who had me writing sales letters for an extreme sport, and those sales letters came very easily. Why? Because people want adventure. You aren’t selling the product, you’re selling the emotions, and adventure is a big emotional draw.

It’s easier to say, “if you buy this BMX bike, you could travel the world in style!”

Then it is to say, “If you buy this calculator, you’ll be able to do your boring, office accounting work with complete efficiency.”

If you find a niche with exciting products, you probably have a lot more fun writing articles and they will probably sell better.

The only drawback with this approach is that you will probably pick up a load of expensive hobbies you didn’t intend to.

Final Thoughts

Alright. That wraps up the Niche Site Challenge article for week 28. I hope that building niche sites is going well for everyone reading.

If you have questions about building niche sites or anything like that, just leave a comment below. If you’ve got an update on your niche site challenge, let me know.

Otherwise, see you next week!

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