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The Niche Site Challenge: Week Twenty-Seven

It is week twenty-seven of the niche site challenge. For those of you who are unaware, the niche site challenge is a part-time challenge where we build niche sites with the intention of making passive income. This is done through writing product reviews and sales letters for products.

This challenge is designed so that we improve our copywriting skills, learn how to build websites, and all those other little things that you learn when you set yourself a challenge.

There are very few rules; you can only spend a couple of hours a day on the challenge. You can’t use any advanced Internet marketing techniques like paid adverts. And you’re not allowed to create products to sell on your website.

Those rules are there so that you don’t quit your job and become a full-time web developer and Internet marketer.

(Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just that this is a challenge to show you can do it part-time and you can learn the skills without dedicating your life to it.)

This is the twenty-seventh weekly update that I am doing. In my weekly updates, I what about what I’ve done for my niche site challenge this week, what other people who are taking the challenge have been doing, and I write some random thoughts about building niche sites and lessons I’ve learned in doing so.

With the terms and conditions out of the way, let’s get on with today’s update.

Other Articles From Around The World On Niche Sites

Normally, I finish these updates with other articles as opposed to starting with them. Some of you who read these weekly updates might have noticed that I’ve failed to keep up with a lot of reading on niche sites in recent weeks.

This is because I simply don’t have much time to read random articles on the Internet, as I’m busy building my own niche websites.

That said, this week I have decided to drill down on some other writings I’ve come across on niche sites.

Gavin Edley On Building Links To Your Website

On Twitter this week Gavin Edley had read my last update and decided to reach out and ask about his back linking strategy for his niche sites. You can read the link to his article here.

The thing with building links to your website is that there are hundreds of factors that you can take into account. For a niche website, it’s possible to overdo linking to the site. That’s because a website with ten articles about the “best hairdryers” is probably not going to have a million links to it. Google and other search engines care about natural linking profiles, because they are designed to mimic a human using the websearch. A niche site with tons of links is suspicious.

That said, this is a good thing. What it means is that if you are building little niche websites, you don’t have to worry about building links to your niche sites that much.

Sure, you can go on a black hat website and buy a thousand links to your website. It’s not going to make much difference.

Gavin’s strategy is absolutely fine. I recommend you only spend a short amount of time and go for a very basic linking strategy. I personally use IFTTT to set up social links and I have a social profile for each website. Then I use reddit sporadically which I have talked about in this link previously.

Finally, I’ll occasionally leave a comment on a blog or forum if it’s relevant and it’s a hobby I have. Some of my niche sites are things I’m interested in, so it only makes sense that I leave links on websites I visit if they are contextually relevant. I don’t do that for the some of the sites I run though.

The important thing is to build a system and stick to it until you have enough data to see whether it’s working. That brings me onto my next link.

James On Niche Sites In His November Reading List

Fellow niche site builder and friend of the blog James has posted up his November Reading List. I always take a browse through what James recommends because we’re quite similar in our approach to business and website building and other related things.

James linked to a couple of my articles on building niche websites. What is interesting is that he said that building a system is crucial. He also said that his system and my systems are slightly different.

That’s true, and your system should be slightly different too. I have a system that is based on writing a lot of content in very short amount of time and that is the main way I build traffic, approach projects and populate websites. This won’t work for everyone.

Similarly, any back linking strategy I use will probably be suited to my way of doing things, and yours might be different.

Like James said, and like I said above, build your own system; test it, improve upon it, and most importantly, use it. The best systems in the world don’t work if you don’t actually like using them.

With that said, let’s talk about what I’ve been doing in the niche site challenge, because it relates to that point quite well.

What Have I Been Doing In The Niche Site Challenge This Week?

My aim is to create a website’s worth of content every week. I’m not going to launch a website every week because I prefer to buy domain names in groups as opposed to one at a time. That’s just for accounting reasons.

That said, I think that I have a whole lot of content for the website I have been working on for the past two weeks. I’ve written about fifty articles, and I think that I will be finished with another thirty. Then it will become an entirely part-time project which I’ll maybe write an article for once a month or so.

This is great for me because-as I wrote last week-I have had a problem with trying to over optimise the system was put in place. Now, the system I have is fully optimised.

The System Is Fully Optimised

When I build a system, and when you build a system, design the process to make sure you can achieve what you need to do very efficiently.

In the past I’ve made the mistake of creating these wonderfully complex systems work in theory. However, when it comes to actually doing the writing, I fall down because system is too complex. Too many pieces need to fall into place or time for it to work.

That’s not so with this niche site challenge. I have a complete process which is basically a to-do list. From picking the domain name, to do in the keyword research, to-and most importantly-creating the content, I just have to follow the instructions.

I’m fully confident that I can use this system to build one niche site per week on average.

I am not going to change the system or tweak it any further until I have a track record of proving this to be either true or false.

Final Thoughts

That is it for the niche site challenge this week. Go and check out the sites I have linked to above, because there’s interesting stuff going on there.

If you are currently building niche websites, leave your comments below whether you agree with me or disagree with me. Or simply let me know how you are progressing and difficulties you have.

If you have questions, then I’ll answer them either an article or future update.

Until next week, I hope you’re niche site challenge goes fantastically!

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