Niche Site Saturday – Week 26

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The Niche Site Challenge Week 26

It is week twenty-six of the Niche Site Challenge. If my mathematics is correct, that means we are halfway through the challenge. It is six months since I wrote this post about what the Niche Site Challenge is, but for those of you who are new:

  • The Niche Site Challenge is a part-time challenge of a maximum of two hours a day where we build niche sites.
  • Those websites are designed to make us passive income in the future via affiliate links from product reviews.
  • No product creation or pay per click advertising is allowed. You just have to practice your sales letter writing technique and learn how to convert readers into customers using the power of your words.

That’s a basic overview of the challenge. Outside of that, there aren’t really any rules. This is very lax as far as challenges go. Let me know you do to build your niche sites, and for any tips and techniques you have, you can share them in the comment section below.

Every week, I update everyone on my progress with building niche sites, and I will continue to do so until May 2017 because that is when the challenge will end.

In these weekly updates, I talk about what I have been doing, what other people have been doing in the niche challenge, and I also link to any helpful articles. Sometimes I will drop random thoughts in as well to help you with building your niche sites. With those things said, let’s get to it.

What Have I Been Doing This Week In The Niche Site Challenge?

We are at the halfway point, and I am pretty far behind. I wanted to build twenty-eight niche sites within the year. I’m still nowhere close I will talk about something that is impeding my progress in the random thoughts section below. That said I am most of the way through creating a whole new niche site. I am aiming to take a couple of weeks off around Christmas and the New Year, but other than that, I am going to aim to create one new niche site every single week until May. That’s in addition to the other projects I have going on, so if nothing else, I will prove that the niche challenge is a part-time one.

Random Thoughts: Over Optimisation.

I planned to have a whole new niche site created this week. It’s in a new niche entirely, on a subject I haven’t written before. That’s not particularly daunting. However, one thing that is holding me back is that I have a tendency to try and refine the system I have. I know that I can create a website in a few days at most due to the website building system I created. I have a template which will have me do the writing.

But that’s still not enough for my critical brain. I still want to optimise more and more. This is a problem because I just don’t get down to the work I need to do. Ultimately, with this new niche site, all I really need to do is sit and do the writing. The design is taking care of by the various website templates, the email list, should I choose to create one, will be taken care of by the Thrive marketing tools that I’ve recently purchased

Yet, in my anticipation of getting quicker and more efficient, I have been procrastinating. This procrastination is quite dangerous because it looks like something productive. If you find yourself constantly trying to refine the system and not getting much work done, you might be falling into this trap. So bear that in mind.

Other Articles Which Might Be Useful For Niche Site Challengers

In better news, there’s been a lot of activity on both my site and elsewhere on the Web.

I have written several articles this week that will be useful for those of you who are doing the niche challenge or otherwise building niche sites:

In addition to that, I want to point out what fellow Niche Site Challenger and friend of the site James has been up to – specifically, his massive and fully competitive guide to SEO for affiliate websites. You can read it here, and I suggest you do so. It is absolutely perfect for those of you who are creating niche websites, because it doesn’t go into ludicrous and costly ideas that are designed for websites are trying to make millions of dollars a year. Instead, its down-to-earth advice which anyone can implement at any time at practically no cost, and it is absolutely perfect for anyone building a niche.

So you don’t have to scroll back up, you can read it by clicking this link.

(Side Note: I also did an interview with James this week. You can read that here as well.)

Final Thoughts

The niche website challenge is going to get ferocious for me in the next few weeks. For that reason, I am not going to take of any time with this concluding statement. I am instead going to go and write some more articles and product reviews for my website.

If, however, you have time and are in the process of building niche sites, feel free to leave your comments below. If you have any questions,  feel free to leave those as well and I’ll answer them in a future topic.

Until next time!

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